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Naughty Girl For A Day... Blood Of Your Lips

Happy Monday! Our naughty Girl For a day is Blood Of You Lips! She write Feral Blood, she is a girl after my own heart as she loves the Carlisle/Bella pairing also!

Hello, all. I’m Anise, aka Blood Of Your Lips, and while I have previously been approached about being a Jasper’s Naughty Girl for a day, I’ve never agreed, because I always felt that I would never be able to do any of the stories that I love justice. However, I have recently come across two stories that have blown me so completely out of the water—and they deserve so much attention—that I felt compelled to try my best to convey the amazingness of these pieces.
The two that I have for you today are both AU and both canon couples.
I believe that I will start with my favorite character of all time, the one and only Carlisle Cullen.
First of all, I have to say that I adore Carlisle. Truly I do. I also have to say that I am a fan of all things geeky/nerdy/dorky/dweeby, and if Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory) were really, I’d hop on that faster than you can snap your fingers. And with all of that in mind, I have to present to you with what is my dream come true: Nerdlisle. Yes…Nerdlisle.
To steal a phrase from The Big Bang Theory, HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!
At this point, I do not know if I can even successfully writer a review/rec about it, because my brain turns to mush just thinking about the adorkable hotness that is Nerdlisle!
I have to say that, along with the endearing dorkiness of Nerdlisle, the writer’s creation of Nerdlisle’s dry wit just makes me so gosh-darn happy!
The story is Talk Nerdy to Me and it is by MelissaMargaret

Nerdlisle is studying civil engineering and it’s the first day of his sophomore CE class. He looks up, and there she is: Mystery Girl. In his eyes, Mystery Girl is entirely perfect. And despite what most people seem to think, nerds hear and see absolutely everything, including the fact that Mystery Girl’s green eyes are the color of the stone in his grandmother’s wedding ring. *dreamy sigh* Yes…Nerdlisle immediately notices that about her, which I found so sweet and romantic. However, Nerdlisle does not have the courage to talk to Mystery Girl.
Edward, Carlisle’s popular brother, also notices a lot. Including the fact that his geeky brother has noticed Mystery Girl. Thankfully for us, Eddie puts Carlisle out of his misery, or part of it anyway, by telling the adorkable nerd that MG has a name: Esme. Eddie has yet to ‘let Carlisle down easy’ about the fact that he, Carlisle, would never stand a chance with someone like Esme. This is Nerdlisle’s way of thinking, but something tells me that Edward knows something that his brother doesn’t!
Now, as the story progresses, we begin to see both Nerdlisle’s concern for Esme, as she has an (pardon my English) asshole of a boyfriend that treats her like a piece of garbage, and his humor, which really begins to appear in chapter two when he begins to follow her, because she is upset after an uncomfortable scene in class with her boyfriend…He remembers a little too late ‘that stalking is illegal. And rude. Mostly illegal.’. Yet ‘(he does) it anyway’.
Thankfully, ‘stalking’ Esme seems to have a surprising (at least to Nerdlisle) result: Esme talks to him. Not only does she talk to him, but his Mystery Girl arranges a study date!
And what happens on that study date?
Well, I’m a mean, little tease. That is something you’re going to have to read to find out!
NOW…Out of all the reviews that I have ever given, and might ever give, this will truly be the most surprising, and you’re about to find out why.

I have to admit—and the lovely DLN knows this—I did not want to read this at first. For one, I am not a fan of Edward. I know, I know that many of you are probably wanting to throttle me right now, but *shrugs* it’s my own personal preference (don’t worry, I don’t support Team Jacob, either). But, as I said, I’m not a fan of Edward. However, I am a huge Phantom of the Opera fan. I have the original Leroux novel, in its original French and translated English. I have the out-of-print Phantom by Susan Kay and even a tattoo of the full mask (the one from the promo posters and soundtrack) from the musical. I am to Phantom as most Twihards are to Twilight…So the idea of Edward as the Phantom was very disturbing to me. Very disturbing. However, I spent more time talking to the author on Twitter, and the way she described Edward caught my attention and held it.
Now, like me, DLN is a big supporter of Carlisle. The fact that she could write Carlisle Cullen as the ‘bad guy’ and Edward as the hero absolutely astounded the snot practically out of me, and I became curious to see if she would follow along with the canon PotO line and end up pairing Bella with Carlisle instead of Phantward. Thus I began my journey into The Phantom Vampire and—I cannot believe I am admitting this in public—Edward.
Now, if I were to cover all the chapters of this story—there are seven so far—I’d be here forever, so instead, I am going to describe to you the first chapter alone!
While Edward, or the Phantom, has been described as a soulless demon by those of the opera house, Bella immediately sees something different. She describes him as a ‘Grecian god’ and then goes on to say that the ‘beauty of this man was buried in the endless black of his eyes that showed so many secrets that could never be told. The haunted eyes of such an immaculate creature should have held more stiffness, more arrogance and conceit, more coldness and less soul, less passion. There had to be some sort of mistake. This creature could not be the evil demon that lived below this theater and terrorized its occupants for over a century.’
Bella and Phantward’s initial face-to-masked-face meeting is far different than in the book or play, and I have to stop this part of the review for a moment and give much, much praise to Miss LeNoir for what I saw after the above description!
Unlike many authors who ‘insert’ lyrics into fics like some sort of horrible tagline or break, the lovely DLN actually uses the lyrics exactly as they should be, exactly like dialogue and internal processing, meaning that they are incorporated into the story like any other spoken words or thoughts. I about nearly jumped out of my seat and fist-pumped the air in delight!
Another thing that made me oh-so-very happy was the way she described the Phantom.
In the original novel, I could not quite figure out just why Erik’s (the Phantom) disturbingly scarred appearance meant that he had to ‘smell like death’. Unless, of course, he was so ugly that he could not bear to see himself long enough to bathe…DLN’s Phantward, however, has a far more pleasing scent. In fact, Edward is describe as smelling like clean musk and spices. (I must admit that the writer is so good that I found myself wanting to actually be able to smell Edward, which immediately disturbed me as I wanted to staunchly believe that I am, indeed, anti-Edward. However, this author and her story seem determined to pull me onto a ship that I don’t want to sail on! But I disgress…)
This Phantward seems a bit more confident that the original novel version of Erik. When Bella inquires about the lair that she has been invited (yes, invited; he did not force her down there using some mystical voice, which I was quite impressed by!) into, he answers ‘with a dark, sultry smile of satisfaction.’
Now…At that point in my Twilight fan-ness, I really had not been a fond of Edward, but the writer’s description of him was absolutely taking my breath away, and I became even more drawn into this tail, with what happened next!
When Bella reaches up to stroke the mask, it seems to produce an almost erotic reaction from Edward as he groans and gazes at her lips; and while he does move away from Bella, it does not seem to be out of anger, but instead to keep himself from moving too quickly with the young lady. Sadly, after she is lulled to sleep by his music and wakes up later, she tries to remove his mask; however, I am once again pleasantly surprised with this Phantom’s reaction.
Instead of flying off into a rage and cursing her like in the musical, or ripping off the mask and revealing his face to her while ‘roaring like a fiery furnace’ as he does in the book (yes, that is actually a line from Leroux), Edward stops her, yanks her into his lap—this surprised me greatly—and simply tells her, though quite deadly, to never do so again as he wraps her in his embrace. And rather than becoming terrified and trying to flee, Bella agrees, though she does foolishly try to argue with him. However, as Edward begins to kiss her neck (and I’m getting a bit warm at this point in the story) and repeats that she is never to attempt to reveal his face, Bella, like I would have done in that very lovely position, agrees.
Sadly, very sadly, the first chapter soon ends after Phantward release his erotic hold on her neck and says, "I have waited for over a century for you, my sweet delectable Isabella…I think I can wait a little longer."
I would like to thank Blood Of Your Lips for being our Naughty Girl For A Day. Please check out these wonderful stories and don't forget to leave a review!

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