Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today is Celebrate Your Beta Day!!!

I was on twitter one day and I seen luvrofink tweet about that we should set aside a day to celebrate our beta's. I think this idea is awesome!!!
This is what she came up with! From luvrofink:
August 30, 2011 has been claimed as Celebrate Your Beta Day. We’re looking for  Twific writers across the world to come together and show support for the ones who support us! Betas are a crucial part in the writing process and very rarely get more than shout outs in ANs that let our readers know just how awesome they are. Let’s make 8/30/11 a day all about the grammar Nazis and the spelling h00rs that we are lucky to call friends! Tweet and tumblr their favorite pics, facts about their awesomeness, or just plain ILYs! Get ready to celebrate!

So, let's set this day aside and show our beta's how much they mean to us! Without them our stories wouldn't shine!

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