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Here are the Lemon Drizzles:

Heat Up Till You Sizzle by TheUnderStudy

As I walked into my boyfriend’s dorm room, I wondered how my life would had been if I had come to Seattle sooner.  Would I have still met Collin?  Luckily for me, I didn’t have to find out. I was here now and I was happy as could be. 

I turned the small corner, passing the two other rooms of their other roommates and went into bathroom.  I could hear him singing in the shower. It put a smile on my face. 

Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me 

He was shaking his hips back and forth to the beat of the music. Peggy Lee was blasting through his shower radio.  

I get a fever that's so hard to bear
You give me fever when you kiss me 

He must have just gotten in the shower because the glass door wasn't even fogged. I watched as the water ran over his shoulders and back. I was jealous….of water. I leaned against the doorframe, breathing heavily. He was giving me a fever.

Fever when you hold me tight
Fever in the morning  

Collin turned in the shower to face me and said, 

Fever all through the night. 

He sounded like Michael Buble, but better. Was that a wolf gene enhancement? I had never heard him sing before, but I never wanted him to stop now. 

He opened the shower door and hooked his finger for me to come to him.  It could be the song or it could be that I really need him, but I found my inner sex kitten and strutted over to him. I unclipped my hair and it fell down my back.  I knew he loved that.  I stopped a few inches from his grasp and turned my back to him.  I peeked over my shoulder and winked at him.  His smile grew.   

As Peggy sang in her sultry tone, I stripped off my shirt and tossed it at my awaiting wolf.  He growled and threw the shirt away.  I wasn’t wearing a bra, and ran my hands down my sides.  I felt sexy.  Collin loving me made me feel even sexier. I shimmied my sweat pants down next, shaking my naked butt for him. 

Get in here woman!” He yelled. 

I giggled, slid off my slippers and strutted over to the shower as the last bit of the song played.  Once in reach, he grabbed me and pulled me into the shower with him.  He immediately put me under the water and allowed the water to flow over me.  I felt him lick up the center of my chest.  I moaned slightly and felt his grip on me tighten.   
I have missed you, Bree.  I am going to keep you in my bed all weekend,” he said as he nibbled my neck. 

I’m here now babe, why wait?” I taunted him. 

Oh, you’ll pay for that.” 

He pushed me up against the wall and the cold tile chilled me.  However, Collin’s lips on mine were quickly warming me up.  He was like a caged animal ready to spring.  It had been a week since he’d touched me this way.  We both needed this connection.  I couldn’t wait for the foreplay.  We could work on that later this weekend.  Right now I wanted to feel him, all of him.  
Very seldom do I take charge, but today he was giving me a sweet fever.  His warm skin and was the hot shower was making my skin burn with desire.  He was still kissing down my neck and to my nipples.  I pulled him up to me and kissed him hard.  I took control of the kiss and explored his mouth with my tongue.  He sighed into the kiss, already loving me taking charge.  I pushed him back against the wall and ran my nails down his chest.   

Fuck, Bree. I love it when you do that,” Collin moaned. 

I felt his hardness against my stomach and it bounced in excitement.  I knew that I had planned to skip the foreplay, but I had missed the way he felt in my mouth.   

I bit down his chest, earning hisses and moans along the way.  I prayed that the hot water would hold out because I wasn’t going to stop until I got my taste. I got to my favorite member and kissed the tip.  I took my tongue and circled the head gently.  He moaned and rubbed my head.
Good girl.  Make me cum, baby.  Only you can make me cum,” he whispered. 

I moaned as I took him into my mouth.  He knew I got turned on whenever he said I was good. One day we would have to act out a little fantasy of mine.  For now, I was going to bring him the best pleasure.  I brought him further into my mouth and pulled back out.  I knew he wanted me to go deeper, but I was still working up to that.  Collin was every bit ten inches and I wasn’t the authority on oral.  Still, it was only I that could make him cum. 

I used my hands to help me stroke him, alternating between licking and sucking.  I squeezed and gripped him into a frenzy.  I loved bringing him to the edge, only to calm him back down.  He was hissing and grunting, digging his hands into my hair.  I sped up, not wanting to tease him any longer.  I took my tongue and wrapped it around him as I stroked.
Bree…Bree…fuck, baby,” he grunted and came in my mouth. 
He pulled me up to him once he calmed and wanted to reciprocate.  I knew that this was a rare occasion for some privacy, so I just shook my head no.  I told him I wanted to feel him.  He kissed me feverishly and turned me around.  His breaths were heavy and if his body was extremely hot.  He nipped at my neck and pushed me up against the tile.  I gasped as I felt him slide down my body. 

I’ll taste you later for sure,” he whispered. 

He growled and nipped at my ass, squeezing my cheeks.  I moaned and tried to grip something, anything, but all I had was the water.  I felt his chest touch my back and I arched into him.  He dipped slightly and raised himself to my entrance. Collin entered me slowly and we both moaned at the feel of him.  We were both wet and slippery, making his glide into me smooth. He nibbled my ear and I pushed back onto him.  His hands wound around my hips and he bent me slightly. 

Collin’s rhythm was slow and deliberate.  He was teasing me in return, but I had something for him.  I pushed back on him and began to dip my hips.  I felt his grasp on me tighten and he could no longer deny himself his low pace.  His strokes quickened and I panted louder and louder as I drew closer to my orgasm.  I thought of my love for him, my desire to care for him, his touch, my passion. It was all too much to think of and I came quickly.
Collin, baby, yes!” was all I could get out. 

Yes, Bree.  Damn, you feel good.  Only for me, baby,” he replied. 

Once I had calmed, Collin pulled out and I whimpered at the loss.  He lifted me up and pushed my back to the wall.  My legs automatically went around his waist.  It didn’t take long before he had slid back into me.  We both gasped at the different angle.  This was wonderful, amazing, and forever mine. 

Oh god, Collin!” I screamed as he bit my neck slightly. 

He pushed deep within me, filling me completely.  I gripped his shoulders and began to kiss him as he pushed into me.  The kiss became more vigorous and his thrusts faster.  I thought I was going to be a permanent fixture in the wall. If it was due to Collin’s passion for me, then so be it.

His thrusts became more erratic and then harder.  It sent me over the edge again and I gasped in complete, orgasmic pleasure.  Collin was not far behind, biting harder into my neck.  He loved to mark me and I loved wearing it.

We both calmed and gave sweet kisses.  He let me down and washed my body.  I did the same for him and we finally exited the shower.  Collin dried me off, telling me of his love for me.  I couldn’t help but smile and kiss him in thanks.


Coming Home by edwardsisobel 

After a long, lonely week away travelling for work, I decided there was only one thing good about it—coming home to my wife.
The week had dragged on with meeting after boring meeting, business lunch after early breakfast meeting.  I really hated these trips away; they seemed to drag on endlessly. I wasn’t one of those guys that partied hard while away, I dreaded these trips and going back to an empty hotel room night after night.
Through a stroke of good luck I’d managed to move a few meetings forward and was able to finish earlier than planned. I’d make it home tonight rather than tomorrow afternoon.  My heart beat faster at the thought of seeing my wife within a few hours. I ached for her in my heart, and I definitely ached for her in other parts of my anatomy which was very sick of my hand taking care of its needs. 

As the cab turned into the driveway of my home I noticed that her car was already parked in its spot.  I practically threw my money at the driver and told him to keep the change; in a few moments I would see her again and didn’t want to wait a minute longer than I had to.  I fumbled with the keys in the lock and cursed as I dropped them to the ground.  I tried again and this time I was successful in getting the door open, and as I closed it behind me, I became aware of just how quiet the house was.   

I called out my wife’s name and when there was no answer, I moved through the house in search of her.  As I reached the bedroom door and opened it, I could hear sounds coming from the bathroom—my favourite sounds actually—running water hitting her naked body and the soft lilt of her voice singing I can see clearly now by the Hothouse Flowers, my favorite version. 

The sound of her voice became louder as I slid quietly into the bathroom and shed my clothes by the door, grinning at the slightly off-key warbling coming from the shower… 

..It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day… 

The sight of her wet ass swaying to the beat became too much.  I reached for the shower screen, slid it open and joined my songstress under the spray.  As I slid in behind her, my fingers seeking out her soapy hips, I whispered into her ear, “Hi, Honey, I’m home.” 

Bella’s shriek of joy as she spun round and stood on tiptoe to wrap one arm tightly around my shoulder while the other cupped my face, was worth every second of the pressure to get my work finished early.  “Edward, oh my God, you’re here. I missed you so much, baby.” 

My breath caught as she pressed her lips to mine and I clutched her hips tightly, pulling her closer to alleviate the ache in my chest and the pressure in my groin.  I groaned as the engorged head of my cock slid against the smooth bareness of her lower lips at the same time as she opened her mouth to my questing tongue. 

Bella tasted so good, a hint of red wine and a smidgeon of the chocolates I’d left her mingling with her breath, as she twined her tongue with mine. Her slick, soapy body slid through my hands as she undulated against me, clearly as anxious to re-introduce her pussy to my dick as I was.  

There’s just something about making love in the shower that amplifies everything; maybe it’s the steamy warmth that makes you feel as if you’re cocooned in your own little world, maybe it’s the sensual feel of slippery, satiny skin perfumed by the soap suds slowly descending your bodies.  Whatever it was, all conscious thought left me when one of Bella’s hands slipped down between us and grasped my dick in a tight grip, slipping and sliding up and down along its length. 

Fuuuuuuck,Bella.  That feels so good.” 

I missed your cock so fucking much, Baby” she moaned and my dick throbbed even harder. 

Although it was difficult to concentrate, I couldn’t help but ask, “Only my cock, Bella?” 

She stopped the delicious slide and pull to think about my question with a mischievous smirk on her face.  I automatically bucked my hips into her hand trying to find the friction to ease my frustrations but it was not the same. I cursed my teasing nature as she pretended to think hard on the question I’d posed and then she leaned forward and pressed her lips against my own too briefly. “I missed your lips and your tongue,” she whispered.  Then kissed along my jaw towards my ear and uttered the words to make me forget everything but her. “I need you to fuck me, Edward. Please fuck me now?” 

I didn’t need any further prompting.  I lifted her in my arms and pressed her gently against the tiles as I entered her in one slow thrust.  Stilling deep within her wet depths for just a moment as her body adjusted to my presence, before withdrawing equally as slowly until just the head of my cock was sheathed inside of her.  Her whimper of ‘harder’ did not go unheard and this time I thrust into her a little faster, with a little more force. Her answering drawn out moan let me know that this was exactly what she wanted. 

My fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples as I thrust up into her, my hips rolling and grinding, searching out her sweet spot over and over.  Bella’s moans and cries of “yes, yes, oh dear God, yes” became more high pitched and breathless as I thrust faster and harder.  As I felt her inner walls pulsing and squeezing me tightly, I let go, seeking my own release in Bella’s satiny depths. 

In the aftermath, when my legs felt like jelly and my heart was still thundering inside my chest, I clasped Bella tightly to me and whispered again, “Honey, I’m home.”

A Quickie in the Alley by Jasper's Women

I walk out of the diner and see him in the deserted side alley.  He's sitting smugly on his bike that's leaning against the wall.  I walk past him and try not to look at him.  I pull my skirt down lower, to hide any extra leg from his peering eyes.  I hear him whistle as I walk by, I want to slap his face but decide to keep walking.  
He grabs my arm and pulls me towards him.  I gasp at how close he's pulled me to him.  His masculine scent makes me swallow hard as I wonder if he tastes good too.  "Want a ride?  I ain't taking no for an answer."  He growls out and I look around, but no one is here. I slowly sit behind him.   "Hold on tight,"  I grip his chest and he revs up the bike, anticipation, fear, nervousness all flood my senses.  "Damn, those big itis of yours are hitting my back and making me hard."  He looks back at me and grabs my face and kisses me.  I try to pull away.  But the feel of his tongue in my mouth just sets me on fire.  
I lean forward and kiss him back.  His unshaven chin feels so sexy against my face.  I slowly unbutton his shirt and rub my hand along his well chiseled chest. I moan as I feel his muscles.  His hand reaches around and slips my jacket off. "I want to see those tits, I've been thinking about them since you walked out here." He whispers out and I can't help but let his words go straight to my core.
He grabs my hair, "Once I start, I ain't stopping."  He warns me looking into my eyes.  I nod, I don't want him to stop either. I want this, Fuck I need this.  I rub my hands through his hair gripping tightly as I continue to kiss him, waiting for him to make the next move.  
He grabs my arm and pulls me off the bike to stand and face him.  He slowly lowers my shirt down my arms and unhooks my bra.  It's still around my arms but he feels my breasts and tweaks my nipples in his fingers.  I moan at the feeling of his rough hands against my soft skin.  
He grabs my hips and moves his hands until he finds the ridge of my panties. He grabs and pulls them down, "Step out of them." he commands causing me to whimper.  I step out of them using his shoulders to steady myself.  I can feel how wet I am for him and wonder what he'll do next.  
He slaps the seat in front of him. "Have a seat". I nervously walk my half naked body over to his bike and sit down facing him. My legs wide open for him to view me.  He immediately rubs my pussy and I fall forward against him.  "Your pussy is so wet and tight."  He says as he pushes his finger into me.  I grab his shoulder and can't help but gyrate against his finger.  "I want your juices all over my seat, I want to smell you when I drive."  I moan and move my hips faster, gripping harder onto his shoulders.  "Oh God.. .feels so good... Oh fuck."  I moan as  I feel my body tense and a familiar tightening in my walls.  He moves faster and I feel absolute pleasure as I release onto his hand.  He pulls out of me and licks his hand clean. He holds out the finger that was inside of me and motions for me to taste.  I slowly lick his finger and pull it into the my lips.  
 He stand as up and unzips his jeans and pulls them down.  His dick is gorgeous, so long and thick.  His balls are shaven and sexy.  He motions for me to come to him. I get off the bike with shaky legs and walk to him.  He pushes me gently but firmly against the wall and hooks his arm under my right leg.  He pushes his hard dick into me while staring into my eyes. I can't breathe from the feeling of being completely full.  He pulls out and pushes back in again, then grabs my other leg and holds me up against the wall.  He smirks and then pulls out, but quickly thrusts back in moving hard and fast inside of me.  
"Oh Fuck."  I yell out at the pure bliss, he's breathing hard and staring at me.  He moves his hips around as he moves harder and faster.  I grab onto his shoulders and fall forward.  "No, I want to look in your eyes, I want to see what I do to you."  I lean my back against the wall and hold onto his shoulders, while looking back into his eyes. He's wild with lust and I'm too far gone to care.  He moves harder hitting every sensitive spot in me.  
I hear voices and the fear of getting cough makes my body shake.  "Do you like my dick in you?  Do you like how it makes your pussy feel?"  I nod, "Feels so good.... I need....oh God."  My body tightens as I feel myself getting ready to orgasm again.  He pushes harder as he leans forward to kiss me.  The feel of his tongue in my mouth, moving to the same rhythm as his dick pushes me over the edge.   My body tightens and I feel a wave of pleasures as I release around him.  "Only I can make you feel this way."  He  groans and slams harder into me as he cums deep inside of me.  He breathes against my neck and I caress his hair softy .   
He slowly pulls out and lets me down. I feel wobbly, he immediately grabs onto me, "You okay?"  I nod, "I just need a minute, I'm fine."  I laugh out.   He pulls up his pants and grabs my panties. He cleans in between my legs with them and puts them in his back pocket.  He helps me button my top and then softly kisses me and looks into my eyes again.  "I love you Jessica... I think this was our most exciting one yet."  I nod and hold  his face in my hands, "Oh Edward, I love you too, Happy Anniversary honey."   

 A Sensual Love Affair by Nerdette Love

I fall back into the soft satin sheets of the bed, they slip and slide against my skin like the tender touches of a faithful caring lover but, Edward isn't the tender type. He loves the raunchy sensuality of a fuck, that tingles every sense and tantalises every nerve.

His legs dip between my own, pushing my thighs apart and exposing my most vulnerable, swollen flesh, to his greedy gaze. His eyes full of pure lust and hunger, devour my body in one swift glance. Finally settling upon my aching, wet mound.

“Bella, Bella, Bella.”

My name from his lips, three times. It sounds like a promise and a threat all in one, as he leans down to capture my lips in a passionate, lust filled haze. His plump wet lips, crash against my own.

Our lips move together like one, as his hand snakes down across my body, touching the skin briefly but with meaning to set me on fire, every one of the fibres in my body, making me arch up against him. Needing more of his touch, more of Edward.

Finally his hand reaches the goal, my aching, needy core. As soon as his palm cups my throbbing centre, I cry out in pleasure and buck my hips against his hand. Making him nip at my lower lip as he draws it out between his teeth. Scraping them sensually across my raw lip.

As I wrap my legs around his thighs, entwining us together, he pulls us up into a sitting position. My legs moving to wrap around his back, to draw us closer as his hand manipulates and teases my swollen nub. As his fingers slide between my wet folds, dripping my juices over our sweaty, shiny skin; thrusting in and out at a steady pace, making me pant and keen with every jostle and movement.

“Edward.” His name a breathless plea, as once again his lips crash against my own, silencing me.

Then finally, like he knows I can no longer take his teasing touch, his hard, thick and long cock thrusts up into me, spearing me upon him and making me scream in ecstasy as my inner muscles clamp around him.

His arm wraps around my back, as I rest my forehead against his own. Looking into his eyes as he starts to rhythmically thrust in and out of me, as though he's following some inner beat.

Edward takes one of my hands and brings it down to our joining, making me look and watch, as he slides in and out of me with such a gracious ease. He moves my hand so I'm rubbing my clit, building up my own pleasure.

“That's it baby, touch yourself. Pleasure yourself as you watch us come together,” Edward's voice a husky whisper in my ear, that makes me shiver and quake around him.

I drop my head to his neck and sigh, touching my lips to his shoulder before I nip the skin with my teeth. Biting and marking him, like he's done to me. Only mine is permanent. A tattoo, his name.

As my hand rubs against my clit, building up the tension in the pit of my stomach and the heat in the air, making it crackle with electricity as I shift my hips to meet Edward's thrusts.

His every thrust hitting the spot that sends me further towards the edge that will cause me to fall and crash with such pleasure.

Edward brings my chin up so I'm looking into his eyes again and his lips touch against my own. Joining us as the one we are, in our sensual fucking that drives us both to the edge that we so very much need after the tension and sexual energy builds between us, in every waking moment that we're together.

Every lingering touch, wistful look and sensual promise and whisper.

I melt into Edward's touch and allow his aroma to fill me up and his taste to consume me as his tongue slips between my lips. Parting them with an expertise so truly Edward and a deftly artistic style so unique to him as he sweeps aside all my resistance with his strong manly tongue that finds every cavern and pleasure spot of my mouth.

Only citing to further enhance my pleasure and push me ever closer to that final peak.

His thrusts become more erratic as we both grow closer to our releases, our bodies clinging to each other and our pants, moans and pleas full of desperation.

We're wrapped together, two perfect pieces of one puzzle.

With one hard, final thrust that buries Edward to the hilt in me, I scream and climax. My whole body shuddering, squeezing and milking him for everything he's worth.



We each speak the others' name, pouring out our hearts, in the moment. Our love affair, truly sensual and full of pleasure that has ensnared us fully together.

Edward's seed pours out into me as my body continues to shudder and shiver beneath his final touches, that continue to send shock waves of pleasure throughout my body.

“I love you.”

My final gasping plea, as he sets of another chain of pleasure with his after ministrations and tender touches, that never have before, come as I ride his body and take him into me. My Edward.

“I've always loved you.” Is his reply, as his lips crash against my own and send us tumbling backwards, into the soft satin sheets; the place where we first began, our sensual love affair.


Coming Together by rubicon_queen

We stumbled through the door, his keys and my purse dropping to the ground with a loud noise that echoed through the quiet space. His fingers were everywhere at once, teasing me with promises of what was to come. I yanked his shirt over his head, desperate to feel the smooth planes of his chest with my own hands.

We stumbled down the hallway, our hands never straying from one another’s bodies. He kicked open the bedroom door and spun me around as he closed it. My hands were forced up against the door as he kissed my shoulders, my neck, my spine. 

His skin pressed hotly against mine, fighting off the chill in the room; his naked torso flexing against my back 
as I pressed my forehead against the heavy wooden door. 

Stop thinking so hard about this,” he groaned into my ear as he pulled us away from the door and towards the bed. 

My shirt had been discarded somewhere between the front door and the bedroom and his skilled hands made quick work of my pants, leaving me in nothing but a miniscule scrap of fabric pretending to be panties.
God you are so beautiful,” he groaned, his lips pressing against the column of my throat as his fingers threaded through my hair.

I groaned into his mouth as our lips met once again and we stumbled together onto the bed. His body was a welcome weight on top of me and I scratched my nails down his back, trying to pull him closer. He hissed at the sensation before pulling away. A low whine sounded in my throat as he moved back, but he shushed me quickly and trailed his fingertips down my sides, reaching for my panties. 

Please,” I moaned, begging him to take them off. 

Slowly, so slowly, he pulled them down my legs, only to kiss his way back up, dragging his lips from my toes to the inside of my thighs. My hands clenched at his hair, trying to pull him closer.

A long hard lick had my back arching off the bed before he buried his face in between my legs. His tongue was magic, swirling and tasting every inch before his fingers joined in, pressing into me and curving to find that perfect spot. 

Oh shit oh shit oh shit,” I cried as he brought my orgasm crashing down upon me.
God you taste amazing,” he groaned when he finally pulled away. 

I blushed suddenly, feeling shy once again, despite what we had just done.

None of that, sweet girl. Don’t hide from me,” he crooned, falling onto his back next to me. “C’mere.”

He pulled me over him, situating my body on top of his and cupping my face in his hands. 

You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his thumbs tracing my cheekbones. 

I squirmed under his gaze, unwittingly pressing my pelvis against his own and rubbing against his hardened length. I gasped lightly as delicious pressure increased as he bucked his hips up against me. 

Fuck, Bella!” he cried, grasping my hips and pulling me harder against him.

He shimmied quickly, pulling his boxers down his legs and kicking them off with one foot and suddenly we were both completely naked. 

Oh God,” I groaned, pressing my lips against his neck. 

Please, sweetheart, I want you so much. If you want me to stop you have to tell me now,” he huffed out.

Jesus,” I moaned, pressing my wet heat against him fully. “I want you Jasper. I’ve always wanted you.”

Only you sweet girl, only you,” he promised. “I dreamt of having you for so long. Let me love you.”

Yes,” I whispered.

Slowly, he lifted my hips and lined himself up, teasing my slit with just the tip of his cock. I huffed with impatience, desperate to just sink down on to him, but he kept just far enough away to torture me. 

Please, Jasper, please!” I begged, bending forward to kiss him deeply. 

As you wish,” he replied, finally pressing his body into my own.

It was so delicious, so filling. Way stayed there for a long moment, savoring the connection before he scooted upright holding me on his lap, pressing deeper into me. His arms wrapped around my waist, holding us together as he rocked slowly in and out of me. His lips brushed my forehead, my eyelids, my cheeks. 

With a contented sigh, he pulled my legs around his waist, pressing us closer together.

My hips rocked of their own accord, finding a smooth deep rhythm. 

Jasper,” I called his name quietly, bringing my forehead to rest on his.

Our eyes locked together, and I gasped, coming hard and long as I watched the emotions swirl in his eyes. He kissed me deeply as he stilled, finding his own climax. We sat there together, catching our breaths, long after, simply holding one another, not wanting to lose the connection.

I love you,” he whispered, kissing me once again.

I love you,” I replied, silently promising myself that now that I had him, I would never let him go.

Peace by  Hopeforastalemate

      It had been a trying evening for me.  Alice had been insistent lately that I at least make an attempt to get more involved in the local community, and she had found an organization of Civil War scholars eager to hear my “fictionalized accounts” of life as a Texas soldier.  Tonight’s dinner had featured me as the keynote speaker, and I had been rather startled by how rapt everyone was by my stories.  Several people had approached me about writing a book, something I had never even considered.  I agreed to think about it.
      While the dinner had not been unpleasant, I was extremely glad to be home.  Everyone else was out, and we entered into darkness.  Our quiet suite awaited us, and I was more than happy to hear the soft click as Alice locked the door behind us, enveloping us in the illusion of privacy.

      I stood there, breathing again for the first time that night, my vampire vision allowing me to clearly see my mate with the moonlight as the only illumination.  Everyone called my Alice a pixie, and in the glow of the night, I had to agree.  After so many years together, Alice could have read me like a book even without her power, and she knew that after being around so many humans for an extended period I needed two things:  silence and sex.  We had fed well just before the dinner, so now I was solely interested in feasting on her body.  

      She did not speak as she approached me, reaching up to ever so gently trace the angles of my face and tousle my only half-tamed blond curls.  I felt the tension in my mind begin to ease, even as the tension increased in other places.  Alice had learned early on that tenderness could both calm and arouse me; it could bring me back to myself when nothing else could.  I had spent so much of my life denied it that I craved it now with a hunger that often surpassed even my desire for blood.

      Slowly, leisurely, Alice reached up to unfasten the buttons on my suit coat and my tie pin.  She carefully unknotted the silk tie and left it loose around my neck.  She slipped the jacket from my shoulders and laid it over a chair, then reached for my belt.  It too, found its way to the chair, and by the time she had untucked my shirt, I was beginning to feel more like myself.  Each button she slipped loose took with it a bit more of the human pretense even as it bared more of my scarred chest to her nonjudgmental gaze.  I had long since ceased to be ashamed of my scars with her, though I would never dream of parading my bare chest before my family as my brothers did.  I saw no reason to remind them of the monster I had been and could still too easily become.

      Her hands trailed over my skin, and I caught them both in one of my own, turning the tenderness back on her as I reached down with my free hand to remove her headband and run my fingers through her dark locks.  I traced her face, and she kissed my fingertips as I caressed her lips.  

      Alice sighed, a sound that came out more like a purr as I turned her around and unzipped her indigo dress as carefully as she had unknotted my tie.  I slid it off her shoulders and down her body, and she stepped out of it.  I folded it over my suit jacket even as she kicked off her silver heeled sandals, and I took the opportunity to discard my own shoes.  

      I was barefoot now, my shirt hanging open as I took Alice’s beckoning hand and let her lead me over to our bed.  Not taking her black eyes off of me, she eased onto her back, her tiny form glowing against the deep purple sheets.  Only her lacy black panties and bra hid her from me now as I loomed over her.  She reached up to trace my scars with her fingers, her hands half obscured by the fine white linen of my shirt.  I let her nimbly remove the cufflinks and unbutton the cuffs before pushing the shirt off my shoulders.  It fell to the floor, forgotten.  

      I bent to kiss her gently, my lips outlining the delicate angles of her neck and the modest curves of her breasts.  With one deft movement, the bra was gone, and I had claimed my prizes, my hands weighing them playfully even as I teased the nipples with my tongue and just the slightest scrape of my teeth.  Everyone who met me seemed to think I could be nothing but rough with my mate, but the opposite was true.  The thought of hurting her made my heart ache.  My relationship with Maria had been one of force and pain, and I had no desire to treat anyone else, least of all Alice, like Maria had treated me.  What had been done to Alice at the asylum had been horrific as I discovered when Edward reluctantly told me.  It was every bit as bad as what my sire had done to me; truly, humans were as capable of becoming monsters as vampires were.  I was eternally grateful that the Change had stolen the memories of her trauma.  I would gladly bear my own for eternity so long as I could spare my mate.

      My mouth worked its way down her body until I discarded the scrap of lace concealing her center from me.  I buried my mouth between her thighs, my tongue leisurely lapping at the venom coating her sweet folds.  I played her clit with my fingers and her center with my tongue until I felt her passion reach the tipping point between pleasure and frustration.
      “Jasper, please!” she gasped out, her legs locking around mine even as I lifted her up.  I thrust into her, my hands steadying her as she began to move against me.  Our bodies knew each other inside and out; we fit together perfectly, exquisitely.  Only with her could I completely let my power go, let everything go, knowing she would catch me when I fell.

      I had never discounted the possibility that I was damned, but I knew that I had found heaven in her arms.

      Our pleasure melded as we came, our love twining together like ivory vines.  I opened my eyes to darkness, save for the moonlight surrounding my own personal angel.

      I rested my head against her stomach as she stroked my hair, relaxing in the silence of the night.   In that moment, in her arms, peace was all I knew.


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