Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tie Me Up and Tease me Thursday

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here...


Chapter 16


I felt the cool surge of air brush against my face as Bella took off and ran from me. She didn’t even hesitate. She wanted to go.

Why does she always run?

The mate in me wanted to run after her and make her understand that I was here to help, but the man in me couldn't take the rejection any longer. I'd done everything I possibly could for her. I'd made her like me, tried to help her through the beginning days, reassured her when she slipped up and surrounded her with as much love and respect as I could find.

She tried to warn me...

"Jasper, if we come here something will change between us."

I knew now I didn’t listen because we were supposed to come here. This was the course we were on and even if we didn't like the outcome, we were going to have to ride out the storm. The next phase in our relationship was inevitable even if I didn’t like it.

There wasn't a doubt in my mind that she didn’t love me, but she was going to have to learn to trust me. We would never make it without that and eternity was far too long to have this fester between us. I knew better than anyone that sometimes people needed their space and if I forced her to stay with me, she'd end up resenting me.

I felt her emotions. She was suffocating. I knew what it was like to be the weak link. If Bella wanted me, she'd have to come to me in her own time.



Chapter 15 -  A New Beginning 

“Carlisle, honey are you okay?” Bella asked panicked , as she walked into my office. “I called your name a few times and you didn’t answer.”

“Sorry, I was in deep thought,” I responded, as I tried to adjust my very hard self. I knew she could see my erection straining against my pants.

“What where you thinking about?" she asked grinning.

I suspected she already knew it had to with her and sex, so I decided to tell her and see what would become of the situation. “I was thinking about you sucking my cock that night after I got off the phone with Esme.”

She groaned as she stood between my legs and leaned against my desk. She looked beautiful, she was wearing a simple maternity dress and had her hair pulled back. God, I wanted to fuck her.
I slide my hand up her thigh and ran my fingers over her panties. “Where is Lexi?” I asked in a deep voice.

“At the park with Ms. Cope,” she panted, as I slid her panties over and slipped a finger inside, slowly pumping in and out of her as I put pressure on her sensitive clit. “God, stop teasing me and just fuck me,” she pleaded.

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