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Lemon Drizzles

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This weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Drizzle:

Surrender by IllicetWriter

I stood, dumbfounded by the man who was staring back at me. He looked different. Older and more refined. Gone were the baby features that once adorned his face. He stared at me, shocked. I was likely returning my own stare tenfold. We stood in the hallway of a darkly lit club. Thank God one of us decided to speak.

"Hi," Jasper said softly. I'm sure my face softened at the sound of his voice.

"Hi yourself." Oh God. Until this moment, I hadn't realized how much I missed him. The pain of losing him was earth shattering. Being so near to him now, after all this time, quickly drudged up those memories.

"How have you been, Bella?" He gave a tight lipped smile. I'm sure it was his way of protecting any real emotions he had in this moment. He set his beer bottle down near a small side table and shoved both hands in his pockets.

"I'm good. Not much to tell, I guess." I shrugged my shoulders. I could be just as protective. Awkward silence followed. Our eyes both drifted towards the floor. Once again, Jasper was brave enough to break the tension.

"God, how long has it been? Five years?" he asked.

"Yeah, it has. I didn't realize how much I missed you until now." Well fuck me running sideways with a stick up my ass. Could I be any more forward? Goodbye verbal filter.

"I know, Bella." Jasper reached out and gently wrapped his fingers around mine. Oh my sweet Jesus. His touch was electrifying. My clit pounded to the rhythm of my heart. He affected me like no other.
Jasper and I were high school sweethearts, only making it to third base. We were waiting for marriage, which was certainly not typical of two horny teenagers. His scholarship to Baylor College was a bittersweet moment. We knew what it had meant-distance. From that time until now, it all seemed like life became a blur, time moving in fast-forward.

"Bella…fuck. This is so fucked up and feel free to slap me for saying this, but…I want you. So bad right now. I want you," he whispered at the end. Music to my ears. How many times had I fantasized about a moment like this? Too many.

I managed to get out, "I've missed you," before I grabbed his shirt and pressed my lips to his, opening them just in time to feel his tongue entering my mouth. He smoothed his hands across my cheeks, fingers through my hair, hands cupping the base of my head. It was everything I remembered, but more. This time, we were no longer protecting our virginity, and that excited me to no end.

"My place-please, Bella."

Shit. He didn't even have to ask.

"Let's go," I commanded, and grabbed his hand. I texted Alice to let her know that I had left the club, simply giving her the played out excuse of being tired. The drive was silent. No words were really needed. Our bodies were going to do most of the talking soon.

Finally, we made it to his home. Jasper fumbled with the keys to the door before it unlocked. He grabbed my arm, yanked me inside, and backed me up against a wall. He lifted up my dress, moved my panties to one side and slowly entered me with two fingers.

"Ungh, baby you're wet. Oh fuck, so wet. Do you hear it?"

Whoa. Dirty talking Jasper? Five years had been good to him. My God, were those squishing sounds coming from me?

"Only you can make me this way," I breathed out. Jasper whimpered and placed his forehead against mine. His hands began to work quickly. First he removed his shirt, then mine. Next he removed his pants and oh my God! I don't remember him being that size. On top of that he was going commando.


"You like it, don't you? My big cock?" He stroked it from base to head. What a beautiful sight.
My prior escapades were with men who had never used that term inside or outside of the bedroom. I was in new territory and simply nodded at his question. Jasper continued to undress me while he spoke.

"Does the word cock embarrass you, baby" I nodded again. My verbal filter was now on mute. There went my bra. His hands were now cupping my bare breasts. All I could hear was his moaning. Wait, make that mine too. Bye -bye panties.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. You're still my sweet baby." He smiled. "Say it for me. God, I could come from that alone-hearing that word come out of your gorgeous little mouth."

I hesitated and contemplated., deciding that I would do anything for this man. I've never said the "C" word. But tonight, I would say it and so much more.

"Give me…your cock," I whispered. Meh, the aftertaste wasn't so bad.

"Ohhh fuck baby. That I will do." Jasper grabbed the back of my ass and lifted me into his arms. My back slid up the wall, my legs wrapping around his waist.

"Are you ready," Jasper spoke softly. Hell yes I was! Didn't that squishing sound confirm it just a moment ago?"

"Oh, fuck. Give it to me. Stick your fucking cock inside," I demanded boldly. Jasper cried out at my words and with precise measure, he swiftly penetrated me. I had never felt this consumed by another man until now.

"Oh Jesus," he moaned. "You feel so fucking amazing. I've missed you so much." Jasper was deep inside, stroking my tight walls. He suddenly clutched my ass tightly and began to pound the ever loving fuck out of me. I was wailing. He answered me with moaning and grunting.

And here comes the mother of all pleasures. My orgasm hit and I exploded. I wasn't even paying attention to the fact that he had slowed down. My body trembled for what seemed like an eternity. I whimpered from the enormity of it all.

"I had to feel you coming Bella. It felt so fucking beautiful," he panted. "Now it's my turn, baby." Jasper's short strokes from earlier now turned into longer and deeper ones. His grunts were fucking primal.

He let go of my ass and pressed his body against mine to keep me rooted. He looked into my eyes, cradled the back of my head and whispered that he loved me right before he violently came.
Several minutes passed. Jasper was still very hard. Our mixed juices were coated all over my inner thighs.

"Stay with me?" he asked.

"I am."

"Don't ever leave, baby."

"I won't."

"Be with me forever."

"I will."

He pulled back, tip meeting my entrance and thrust hard into me once more.

~The end

Next weeks Pic Prompt:

*swoons* Wet, hot man alone in the shower.
Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! (pun intended there)

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