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October Lemon Drizzle author of the Month Voting!

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Elevation by VixenonFire
Her hand brushes against my ass, forcing me to grip the overhead compartment. It’s all I can do to keep from coming on the spot. For three days, I’ve thought of nothing but being back on this plane with the intoxicating stewardess named Esme. I just sat in my hotel room, envisioning her hands running over my smooth cock, melting me like butter.

“Can I be of any assistance, Doctor Cullen?” she asks.

Fuck yes, you can be of assistance.
“I can manage, thank you.”
She steps back and my cock instantly twitches in protest. I don’t dare turn around, afraid she will see what I’m desperately trying to hide. I keep my hands focused on the overhead compartment*just rooting through my bag for something I don’t need*to keep myself from rubbing the growing desire between my thighs. Thank God this is a private charter, and there’s no one else to witness my struggle.
“As you wish,” she replies, a slight trace of annoyance in her voice.

God she’s sexy when she talks like that
. It makes me crave her even more. Having Esme assigned to my flight is the only thing that makes the constant travel worthwhile. It’s just that, Jesus fuck, how am I going to cope with this arousal when she’s so close? It’s not like I can sneak off to the bathroom unnoticed.

I shut the compartment and scramble back into the seat before she can see me, wincing slightly as my hardness brushes against the stretched fabric of my pants. 

I can’t stop myself from doing it; it’s automatic whenever I think of Esme. My eyes close, and I reach down to stroke myself through the thin layer of clothing. A soft moan leaves my lips, serenading me with the sound of my own satisfaction. I need to explore the urges I’ve been pushing aside since boarding the plane.
I picture Esme in her tight, cropped skirt, luscious thighs barely peeking out from under the blue ensemble. Next are her breasts, always so tempting and inviting. I see myself buried in her beauty, her walls crashing down around my member as she rides out her pleasure. All these things force my hand to move faster across my visible erection, kneading the flesh as if it were a lump of dough to be sculpted into a confectionary masterpiece.

My cock begs for release with each vision, throbbing for a taste of the stewardess. I stop caring about the sounds slipping from my mouth. I let them run freely with no though of consequence. It feels too good to stop now. All I want is to relieve this tension, to rid my body of the arousal. 

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Esme gasps, breaking my concentration completely.

My eyes snap open and I come back to reality, all thoughts replaced by an overwhelming sense of embarrassment. I have no words to explain my actions. I can only stare at the blush in her cheeks. 

Green eyes survey me with a wary expression*something that shouts “Oh my God what is he doing?” But I can’t avert my gaze from the scarlet spreading across her face.

, she’s beautiful. Everything from the caramel hair that spills across her shoulders to the tightly nestled pair of breasts pushed up over her blouse just screams “Take me Carlisle!” And I want to take her. I need her wrapped around me so badly that I can’t think of anything proper to say. All I can think about are those breasts, those lips, and that slender body of hers pressing against mine.

“I can leave you be, if you’d like,” she says. For a moment, I see a glimpse of lust in her eyes, but I can’t trust myself to make that assumption
*not with my own libido in overdrive. 
She turns to walk away. “No!” I shout, scrambling to get to my feet and failing miserably as my erection shrieks in complete agony. “Please…”

“Hmm, maybe you’re in need of assistance after all.”

A blank stare is all I can offer before she’s leaning over me, straddling my lap like one might mount a horse. My mind spins in so many directions that nothing seems real; I can’t believe she’s on top of me, reaching into my pants in search of my swollen length.

Her lips crash into mine with a blinding force, propelling my fingers to dance through her hair, tugging on the caramel tresses as if they were mine to command. With every gentle pull, an urgent moan travels between our tongues, igniting spasms of pleasure between my thighs.

“God, you’re so hard,” she breathes into my mouth. “So hard for me…”

“Only for you…I need you, Esme.” 
And then I lose it*I’m tearing at her shirt, just needing to feel her tender breasts in my hands, my mouth. Her blouse comes loose and I bury myself between her supple mounds, my tongue darting over her peaked nipples, unable to get enough. She groans and tosses her head back in delight.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” she purrs.

Ravenous hands grip my shirt and tear away the first few buttons, then her tongue slithers a pattern down my chest. I drive my fingertips into the soft flesh of her thighs, working my way under her skirt. A gasp of pleasure escapes me as my fingers meet her wetness where to my surprise, no barrier prevents me from meeting my mark. Suddenly, my pants are at my ankles, and she’s going down on me at 35,000 feet.

“Don’t stop…please, don’t stop,” I moan. My hands slide into her hair once again, holding her between my thighs.

She devours my cock entirely, and I scream out in ecstasy as she begins sucking and fondling my fully erect shaft. Her lips feel like satin against my skin, making me want to come in her warm mouth like I have never come before.

“Fuck me, Doctor Cullen,” she grunts. “Now.”

The vibration of her voice runs through my length like a bolt of electricity. Immediately, I hoist her into my lap, position myself at her entrance, and slowly I glide my cock inside.

Oh, fuck me, she’s tight…

Gripping her ass firmly, I thrust upwards in quick, savage bursts. To hell with the pilots, they might even learn a thing or two if they care to investigate. All I want is to come inside of this woman, to have her use me to fulfill her carnal desires.

“Right there…right there,” she moans, exposing her ample, pink breasts.
I don’t hesitate. My tongue instantly flicks across her breast, savoring the warm flesh*sucking, biting, and teasing her nipples.
“Come for me,” she pants.

Tightening my hold on her succulent ass, I quicken the pace. Suddenly, her walls squeeze around my cock and I’m done for. The orgasm bursts from every part of me, exploding from my hard length like a bullet from a gun. My teeth clamp down on her neck to muffle the cries of ecstasy, but Esme doesn’t hold back.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

A wave of euphoria washes over me as her orgasm rushes to the surface; a tiny fluttering sensation at first, then flourishing into a pulsating throb that overtakes us both. Sticky, sweet fluid dribbles down her thighs
*dear God it feels good*and Esme collapses against me, panting hard.
“Welcome to the mile high club, Doctor Cullen.”

My lips curve upward. “I had no idea that was part of your job description.”

“Well, I am your personal stewardess, and you never cared to ask exactly what that entailed,” she answers, removing herself from my lap. I whimper slightly as cool air sweeps across my saturated cock. “Now seatbelt please…we‘ll be landing shortly.”

Esme disappears down the aisle; a tight, beautiful ass shows just beneath the hem of her disheveled skirt. I can’t stop staring as I slide my pants back on. I want her again already.

Lucky for me, I fly to Boston on Tuesday.
Undeniable by TheUnderStudy

Irina/J. Jenks

Irina POV

Three months ago I started a sacred position in my firm.  My predecessor was coveted and had an elite set of clients.  It was all hush-hush.  When his position opened, I clawed for it.  I was shocked when I learned of my clientele’s interesting characteristics.  Vampires.  They were real and I now handled their legal issues. 

Each one was as enchanting and mesmerizing as the next.  There was one amongst them all that makes my Stanford educated brain go dead.  He is immaculate, not very tall, but taller than my demure height.  He has a charming smile and he smells of peppermint and chocolate.  He had blond hair that was cut short, but was wavy.  I imagined him as a gentlemen of the 1920’s or a musician during the 1940’s.  His voice was low and smooth.  My behavior around him always made him laugh; it was deep and hearty chuckle.  It made me vibrate in anticipation.

“Good evening, Ms. Denali,” said the familiar voice.

“Good evening to you as well, Mr. Jenks,” I replied.

“How many times have I have told you to call me J.  We are friends, are we not?” he asked as he slowly made his way to my desk.

“I like to keep my clients as clients.  No mixing business with pleasure, Mr. Jenks.”

“Cheeky.  I like.  I hope I am not keeping you.”

“Well, I was just leaving, but if you have need of me, I can stay a while longer,” I said, laying down my suitcase.

“Oh, Ms. Denali, I do have need of you.  Perhaps another time.  It is late and I am sure you have a husband or boyfriend that needs tending to,” he smirked and I wondered if he already knew the answer.

“As you can tell by the Miss and not Missus, I am not married and there is no one waiting for me at home.  However, I do have things to do.  So if you’ll excuse me.”

He nodded and was swiftly at my desk, helping me to put my coat on.  I thanked him and he followed me out of the building.  I waited for the company car that was afforded to me because of my position in the firm to take me home.  A Mercedes CLS 550 with blacked out windows appeared first.  It was sexy as hell and for second I lost myself.  I began to imagine Jenks taking me over the hood of the car. 

A small growl erupted from Jenks and I was even more turned on.  He offered to take me home and, with any other normal person, I would have said no.  However, his offer was more of a demand and I could not say no.  I gave his driver my address and we set off at a leisurely pace into the night.

“Edward, if you know what is good for your human bones, you will get to Ms. Denali’s house faster,” Jenks growled out.

“Yes…yes, Mr. Jenks,” Edward, Jenk’s driver, spoke with a shaky voice.

We arrived at my apartment rather expeditiously and Edward had the door open swiftly.  Jenks stepped out and held his hand out for mine.  I took it willingly and began to thank him for the ride.  He silenced my gratitude with a kiss.  It was soft, yet passionate. I felt like my heart was going to jump out my chest.  He released my lips and I opened my eyes to see his red ones piercing into me.

“Wow,” was all that I could say.

“Better than the car?” he asked.


“Let me show you what I can do for you, Ms. Denali. Then you will know if you can call me friend.”

I only could nod and guided him into my building.  His hand was gripping my waist and I was consumed by his touch.  We made it to my twelfth floor apartment and I ushered him in.  I offered him a drink, to which he only replied, “Later.”

He came up behind me and asked where the bedroom was.  Like an idiot, I just pointed.  I was lifted bridal style and carried to my bedroom in a flash.  I was laid down on my bed and watched as Jenks removed his jacket.  His vest went next.  He was slow and meticulous and I was getting even more aroused.  He rolled up his sleeves and then loosened his tie.  He sauntered over to me like a lion ready to feed. 

“I am not a patient man,” he said before ripping my clothes from my body.

I was shocked and my whole body turned red in the biggest blush I could muster.  He growled again and I couldn’t deny my body’s response to him.  I rubbed my legs together for friction and felt the moisture trickle down my thigh.

“Now, I’m so thirsty.  I think I’ll take that drink now,” Jenks said before dropping to his knees in front of me.

He slid my body closer to the end of the bed and draped my legs over his shoulders.  I couldn’t believe I was allowing him to do this.  This was dangerous.  He could kill me or just hurt me.  But I could no longer deny the need to have him touch me. His could fingers ran up my legs while his nose grazed my inner thigh.

“Yes!” I moaned like a wanton slut.

“Eager…” he whispered and his breathed fanned out over the area I needed him most.

“Yes, touch me…please,” I begged.

He did not leave me to want.  He blew his breath along my folds, making me raise my hips greedily to reach his lips.  Jenks’ tongue lashed out and licked my aching center.  I cried out in appreciation and desire.  I wanted more of him.  Jenks then placed his tongue heavily on my clit and I sighed.  He was teasing me slowly, deliciously. 

Then I felt his tongue glide down and push into me.  I was a mess of need.  I grabbed his head and forced him deeper, begging for him to never stop.  I was close and I couldn’t believe I had let him drive me insane so quickly.  He reached his hands up that were holding down my hips to my breasts.  Jenks tweaked my left nipple and the right immediately budded, calling for his attention.  He grabbed both breasts and squeezed them as his tongue battled to receive my orgasm.  He lapped at me like he was the fiercest swordsman.  I was putty in his hands.

“Jenks… I’m…I’m...” I attempted to say.

“Give me all of it.”

He went back to nipping and sucking and licking.  I was screaming and arching and grabbing onto whatever I could.  I felt my orgasm on the edge, ready to leap, just as I felt his teeth bite into my thigh.  The pain was delicious and I climaxed.   It was strong and it felt like my soul was being pulled from my body.  I was on a high I had never felt. 

I came down from my trip to heaven; I looked down to my deliverer and brushed my hand across his blond hair.  He lapped at his bite and the juices that allowed from me.  I moaned and allowed him to feast and enjoy me.  Jenks then stood up and lifted me back to the head of my bed.  He placed me under the covers and I could not hold back the yawn.  He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Thank you for that gift, Ms. Denali.,” he whispered as he knelt at my bedside.

“I think friends can call each other by their first names.  Irina.  Please call me Irina,” I whispered as well.

“Well, Irina, I will do so.  Please don’t forget to call me J.”

I yawned again and he promised to call upon me soon.  He kissed me again and I could taste myself on his lips, my essence, my blood.  He smiled when I moaned against his lips.  He wished me goodnight and made his way out of my bedroom.

“J, wait.  What does the ‘J’ stand for?” I asked.

“Judas,” he said with a smirk.

My eyes went wide and I heard his chuckle down the hall until he left.  That’s a story I couldn’t wait to hear.

Rain Check by TheLyricalCutie


“I need a shower,” Rosalie murmured softly against my neck.

“Already,” I asked, hoping I didn’t sound as whiney as I felt I did.

“Unfortunately…” she trailed off, seeing the look on my face.

We’d just spent the past two hours talking, cuddling, and making love.  Her statement had just burst the little bubble we’d created for ourselves. Shower time meant she was leaving, leaving meant she was going home to him, and I wasn’t happy about either fact.

I knew what we were doing was wrong, but her husband was an asshole who didn’t know a good thing if it smacked him in the face.  Rosalie was something special. No other woman had ever affected me the way she did. In fact, she wasn’t like any woman I’d ever met before.  She wasn’t some little princess afraid of a little hard work, waiting for mommy and daddy to kick the bucket to collect her inheritance. She was a hard worker and knew her shit about cars.  I think I fell in love the day she told me how to rebuild an engine.

As a bonus, my Rosie was built like my favorite wet dream. She had ash blond hair that she wore in cascading waves down her back, violet-colored, cat-like eyes that were fringed with thick lashes, and she was built like a brick house. Every time I saw her, “Brick House” by the Commodores played in my mind. Actually, I’d made it her ring tone for when she called me.

“Don’t pout,” she chided tracing a finger over my lips.

“I’m not pouting,” I denied before nipping playfully at her fingers.

“Yes you are,” she teased. “But you’re so adorable when you pout,” she said replacing her fingers with a soft kiss.

 “You’re only going to get dirty again,” I murmured running a hand along the curve of her spine hoping to distract her. 

 She shivered, arching into my touch. “Behave.”

“As if you truly want me too,” I teased palming her breast while trailing playful kisses along her quivering stomach. I was usually an ass man, but her beautiful 36D’s fit in my hands as if they were made exclusively for me. Her palms covered mines showing me exactly how she wanted to be touched as my tongue reversed direction and rimed her navel before continuing upwards. 

“Mm,” she moaned as l dragged my tongue across one nipple. “I really need to get home soon.”

I raised an eyebrow. Clearly I wasn’t doing my job well if she could still think about home.

 “He won’t even know you’re gone,” I whispered transferring my tongue to the other as my fingers homed in on the scorching heat between her legs. One of the things I loved about my little peach, she was always ripe and juicy for me.  No matter the where or the how, the word “no” never slipped past her lips.

Her breath caught as my thumb circled the sensitive little nub slowly “Oh God Peter,” she panted writhing against my fingers as I quickened the pace. A few seconds later her fingers twisted in the sheets as her back arched off the bed.  I continued pumping my fingers in and out of her until she collapsed back against the sheets “Damn!”

“Told you I’d get you all dirty again,” I said smugly, licking my fingers clean. 

Her eyes darkened and I fell back willingly when she pushed me onto my back “So you did,” she murmured straddling my hips “But nice try Peter,” she said with a wink before hopping off of me.

“Wait,” I asked in disbelief even as her feet hit the floor. “Where are you going?”

“To take a shower,” she responded innocently.

“You can’t leave me like this,” I nearly pleaded gesturing towards ‘the captain’ who was standing tall and proud. 

“Rain check,” she purred sashaying into the bathroom with a sultry look over one shoulder. My little minx knew exactly what she was doing.  Lust shot through me watching that sexy ass wiggle out of sight. I wanted her every second of every day.  Her scent, her laugh, the way she sighed my name when I touch her… Now that I had her, there was no way I was going to let her go. 

“Tease,” I called after her. 

I was laying there contemplating what I was going to do with my situation below when I heard Rosalie humming under breath. My ears strained picking up the tune of Marvin Gayes “Sexual Healing” and I snorted under my breath. I could certainly use some of that right now.

So why are you still laying here, my inner voice asked peevishly.

“She has to go,” I answered miserably.

You’re a dumb ass! Get your ass up and go get her, fucker, the voice roared. It felt like a slap in the forehead and I jumped up without question. Yep, I was a dumbass for laying here feeling sorry for myself when my girl was a few feet away from me, soapy and wet.

A blast of steam greeted me when I opened the door, but all I could see was the smile on Rosie’s face when she turned to stare at me. “I was wondering when you were going to get a clue and join me,” she purred as I stepped into the shower.

“Decided to do my part for the eco system and conserve water,” I quipped backing her up against the glass. “Besides I think I came in on the best part,” I whispered smoothing my hands over her wet skin until they rested on the glorious curves of her ass.

She sighed, running her hands over my chest and shoulders “I hate this part,” she said softly.
“Me too,” I admitted. “More than you’ll ever know.  I just want to lock us up together and throw away the key...”

“No one else but you and me,” she continued when I trailed off. “And this,” she said before palming my jaw to bring me in for a long wet kiss. My tongue parted her lips as her body pressed closer to me rubbing against my erection sinfully. Her fingers clenched in my hair as I shifted my lips along her cheek and down to the curve of her neck nuzzling her racing pulse as my hand made its way between her legs. She wriggled into my touch when my palm rubbed against her clit.


‘Peter,” she demanded. I looked up into her passion filled eyes and knew what she wanted.
“Turn around baby,” I commanded, positioning her body towards the wet tiles with my palm flat across her back, bending her over so I could rub the head of my cock along her wet lips, teasing the swollen flesh.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she panted. We both groaned in bliss as her inner walls gripped me tight, surrounding me with her liquid heat. Heaven, I was in heaven; I chanted over and over in my head as I started pounding into her frantically.

“You like that baby,” I grunted slapping her ass lightly in time with my strokes.

“God yes,” she groaned bracing her hands against the wall for leverage. Sweat broke out on my forehead as I tried to stay in control, but the way she grounded into me, meeting me thrust for thrust… there was no way I could last.

“Pete.. I’m,” I reached around pinching her clit. “Coming,” she screamed in pleasure just as I pulled out and came on her perfect ass. 

 “And to think you wanted a rain check,” I said smugly as she sagged against me with a satisfied sigh.
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