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Lemon Drizzles

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This Weeks Pic Prompt:

This Weeks Drizzles:

Our Love Lives On by TheUnderStudy

Riley POV                                                                          
I really couldn’t understand what had happened.  One minute I was calling out for Old Lady Brandon and the next I was standing outside our apartment building.  I could hear screaming and fire trucks, but I was still so confused.  Then one scream sounded out louder than the others.  I heard my name on the sweetest lips.  I turned towards the sound and saw a heartbreaking vision.  My love, Zafrina, was being held by a police officer.  Tears were streaking down her face, her long dark brown hair sticking to her skin.  I went to her to comfort her.  She gasped when my hand touched her face and then she fainted.                                                                            
I had been watching over her since.                                                                          
It had been a month since the fire and I still hadn’t said goodbye.  I couldn’t leave her.  I didn’t want her to move on.  I needed her here with me.  It was unfair and I was so angry I had been taken away from her.  Why did it have to be me?  As I looked at my love, I was glad it was me and not her.  I laid next to her in bed and closed my eyes.  I touched the bare skin that was exposed by her hip and she gasped in her sleep.  I focused on the love I had for her and the desire to be with her.  I felt myself falling, slipping into a different place.  I approached her in her dream and she was happy and tearful to see me.  I engulfed her and spoke.                                                                          
“Do you remember when we went to Rio last year?  We found this hidden nook in the rainforest.  It had a waterfall and…”                                                                          
“Large birds that you kept calling Toucan Sam,” she interrupted, calming under the memory.                                                                          
The scene around us changed to that of our little waterfall we found while on our trip. Zafrina walked under the waterfall and the water soaked her body.  I could see her nipples harden underneath the cool water’s touch.  I walked over to her in the water, allowing myself to be soaked as well.                                                                            
“I don’t know what this is, but if it is a dream, I want to live in it forever.  I thought…I thought I lost you,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck, laying her head in the crook of my neck.                                                                          
“I am here with you now, my love, my goddess.   I am sorry I left you.  I am sorry…I can’t stay with you,” I said to her.                                                                           
I lifted her face to look at me.  Her look mirrored my own.  Both of us had tears in our eyes.  Hers began to fall and I knew that saying goodbye to her would be the hardest thing I’d ever done.                                                                            
“My love, my prince.  Take me, one last time,” she said reverently.                                                                          
I kissed her as I lifted her bridal style and carried her to the bed that appeared by the falls.  She was too enthralled with our kiss to care of notice.  I stripped her bare of her clothes, leaving her body free of obstructions.  She laid there with hooded eyes and I saw how remarkable her body was.  I would never forget her beauty or her love.                                                                            
I lifted my shirt off my body and the remnants of water cascaded down my chest.  I unbuttoned my jeans slowly, enticing her, making her practically salivating with need.  She rubbed her legs together for friction, but I wanted to give her that.  I took my jeans off and climbed on the bed with her.  She sat up on her knees and caressed my face, chest, and stomach.  Her hands ran along the tattoo that covered the better half of my right arm and side.  I had gotten it before I met her, but the first time I took off my shirt in front of her, she was floored.                                                                            
Zafrina looked up at me again and brought me in for a passionate kiss.  My arms went to hear hair and waist and our bodies fell down on the bed.  The kiss was desperate, all consuming even.  It was like she was trying to remember what I tasted like, remember how I felt.  I knew that was exactly what I was doing.  I loved this woman so much and there was nothing that was going to take the memory of her away from me.                                                                          
Her hands found its way to my ass and she gave it a squeeze.  I couldn’t help but laugh and return the favor.  This was us;, all smiles, laughter and passion.                                                                            
I didn’t want to wait for foreplay.  I needed her, to feel myself deep inside her.                                                                          
“Please, Riley, make love to me.  I cannot wait any longer,” she whispered in my ear as she nibbled it and my neck.                                                                          
I moaned in return and pressed my aching length harder into her thigh.  Zafrina hitched her leg over my waist and I guided my way inside her.  I pushed in more and more until I was fully seated inside.  My pants and breaths were heavy and I was consumed with the love we shared and heat between us.  She was divine and I could be inside of her for a lifetime.                                                                            
Her hands came up and pressed on my shoulder, her indication that she wanted me to move.  And I did just that.  I slid back out and pushed back into her, reveling in the sounds of her moans and my name falling deliciously from her lips.  She was kissing my neck in between her gasps and I couldn’t hold back my own moans of pleasure.  Zafrina’s nails reached deep into my back as I hitched her other leg up, causing me to hit a new angle.                                                                          
“Riley, yes….more,” she begged.                                                                          
I knew just what she needed, as I was hers and she was mine. Her body was made for me.                                                                          
“Anything my love,” I replied.                                                                          
I flipped us over so that she was on top.  She loved this position and I couldn’t deny that it was my favorite as well.  She was in control and showed how much she enjoyed it.  Zafrina began to rock back and forth on top of me.  I steadied her with my hands at her hips.  Loving the way she felt against my fingers.  Her skin was soft as silk and her breasts were in perfect view.  I reached up to grab one and caressed it as she rode me.  I hissed in pleasure as she went faster at times, twisting and turning.  It caused me grip her breast harder, something I knew she loved.  I pulled her down to my chest to bring them into my mouth.  Zafrina’s hair and moans became a curtain around us.  I lapped and bit, nipped and sucked both till I knew she was on the brink.                                                                          
I wanted, no, needed her closer.  So I turned us back over again, my firm body pressing her back into the bed.  I captured her lips knowing that once this was done, I would have to go.  I wanted to prolong it, but the sweat across her brow and the tightening in my stomach was telling.  We were close.                                                                           


Oh What a Night by TheLyricalCutie

“Do you want something to drink?” Jasper asked helping me remove my jacket. “Beer, wine, water?”
“Just you,” I purred, pulling him down for a kiss.

I usually wasn’t this brazen, but I’d been fantasizing about running my nails up and down his back all night long.  Maybe it was the shots I’d consumed or the fact that I’d been staring at his ass in those blue jeans all night, but my hormones were going out of control.

This was surprising considering I didn’t want to go out with him in the first place. However, when he’d cornered me at work, I hadn’t had the heart to turn him down.  It wasn’t that Jasper was unattractive; he just had this nerdy quality about him that didn’t appeal to me on a primal level. That was until he’d shown up at my door looking all yummalicious.   He’d ditched the buddy holly glasses, traded in the chinos and button down for a tight black tee shirt that molded to a muscled chest and abs(how had I ever missed that!), and a perfect view of the tribal tattoo that covered him from shoulder to elbow. He’d winked and told me there was another, but I had to be good in order to see it. Damn I was trying so hard to be good.

I started growing bolder as the night wore on, brushing my ass against his crotch, and leaning in extra close so my lips brushed against his ear whenever we spoke.  Judging from the darkening of those sea green eyes and the way he’d started grinding into me while I was leaning over the pool table, Mr. Whitlock knew exactly what I was up to. 

So when he whispered in my ear “Let’s get out of here,” I’d eagerly taken his hand, nice big hands I knew would feel like heaven gliding over my sweat-slickened skin, and followed him out of the bar.
“Bella wait,” he groaned pulling away after a moment. “This wasn’t …,” I grabbed the back of his neck to bring him in for a smoldering kiss, effectively silencing him. Good boy, I thought silently when his hands started roaming over my back. He began to pull at my short, denim skirt until his hands palmed my ass and lifted pressing his cock against my pussy, making my clit throb in pleasure. 

“Jasper,” I sighed in bliss. His lips nipped and licked along the sensitized flesh of my collarbone as he thrust against me slowly setting every cell in my body on fire.

“Bella, honey,” he whispered in my ear. “I want to see you come for me,” he said nipping at the lobe of my ear as he rocked against my harder and faster. 

I whimpered, gripping his shoulders tight as his hands guided my hips in time with his thrust. I tried to hold out, but the sensation the denim and satin created against my sensitive clit was too much. I stiffened as heat raced through my body, a strangled scream ripped from my throat as I rocketed off into space. He was still rocking against me gently as I came down from my high. Thankfully he was still hard as rock because I was far from done.

 “Off,” I ordered pulling away to tug at his shirt impatiently. 

He raised an eyebrow “Your wish,” his hands went to the hem of the shirt, “is my command,” he drawled, slowly revealing his smooth tan, flesh.

“Oh my damn, “I gasped, certain that I was drooling as my eyes skimmed over the perfection he’d just unveiled.

“See something you like babe?” he asked with a sexy smirk.  All I could do was nod while staring at the intricate design winding its way around his arm and across his side. “Good,” he said in satisfaction before fisting my shirt in his hands and ripping it open. 

“Jasper,” I gasped in shock as buttons flew everywhere.  

“If you value the rest of your clothes, you’ll remove them quickly,” he growled already unzipping his jeans and toeing off his shoes. I heard the words coming out of his mouth, but the vision of him in nothing but a pair of snug black boxer briefs had moisture flooding my panties for the hundredth time that night. 

“Bella,” he prompted kicking me into action. I quickly removed my bra and slipped off my skirt and boy shorts. As I worked quickly, I watched him rub his hand over the thick length that was straining against the cotton of his briefs. 

“I want to touch you,” I whispered, my gaze locked on the movement of his hand. My mouth watered as I imagined taking his cock inside my mouth. 

“Later,” he groaned seeing the look in my eye. “If you touch me now, it’s all over.”

“We can’t have that,” I whispered as he shoved his briefs off and sat on the couch motioning for me to straddle him. He kissed my throat and licked my breast, positioning himself at my wet entrance. 

My eyes drifted shut as I lowered myself sliding down until I was completely impaled. 

“You feel so good,” he moaned cupping my ass in his hands.

“So do you,” I groaned moving up and down his cock slowly, finding the perfect rhythm.

With each stroke, I bounced faster, holding onto his shoulders for leverage. The feel of every inch of inch inside me fanned the flames of my desire. His hands gripped my hips tight, forcing me to ride harder as we both raced towards completion. 

“Oh God,” I chanted over and over again as he licked and sucked at my breast and chest. Scolding heat spread through my body for the second time that night as I screamed his name. Jasper continued thrusting again and again, creating another blaze that raced through me. His hands tightened on my ass and he stilled, releasing himself into me. His arms were as hard as a rock as let lose a string of curses, bringing a satisfied smile to my lips. Yup, it had been just as good for him as it’d been for me.

“You’re amazing,” he murmured as I collapsed against his damp chest.

“Yeah,” I sighed, placing a kiss at the corner of his mouth. I hoped like hell he had another round in him. “I was just thinking the same thing about you.”  


Next Weeks Pic Prompt:


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What is a lemon drizzle and how does it work? 

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