Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tie Me Up & Tease Me Thursdays

Here are this weeks teasers:


Chapter 20 teaser


We stopped and stared at one another. I monitored her emotions. She was happy, hopefully to see me, but she was also afraid. That saddened me.
"Why fear?"
"Hmm?" She continued to look into my eyes. I noticed hers were the most beautiful shade of amber. Not a hint of red to be found.
I tentatively reached for her hand. She didn’t pull away, so I felt encouraged. "I fully intended to feel angry, fury, betrayal and displeasure coming from you, but I feel your fear. What are you afraid of?"
"That you don’t want me here."
I shook my head. Of course she would think that. I'd abandoned her in Seattle, but now having her here, standing in front of me, I couldn't remember what my reasons even were. They all seem so senseless now. All I did was waste a month of our time together.
"I want you here. I've always wanted you with me."
"You left."
"I fucked up." I ran my fingers through my hair. 


Chapter 24 - It's Your Love teaser


My head was spinning the rest of the way to the restaurant. I still couldn't believe that Jasper arranged for my family to be here. The love I felt for him was so overwhelming that I though it would consume me and I would eventually just combust.

I never thought it was possible for someone to love me the way he does. I’ve always dreamt of it, but never thought that I would ever experience it. The amazing thing was that it’s not just Jasper’s love, it’s his whole family.

“We’re here,” I heard Jasper say, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I turned my head and smiled at him as a tear fell down my cheek. He wiped it away.

“What’s wrong?” he asked looking so concerned.

I just shook my head. “They’re happy tears. I still can’t believe you surprised me by inviting my family, you have no idea what that means to me.”

He leaned over and placed his lips on mine. “I think I do.” He kissed me again. “You ready to have some fun, Mrs. Whitlock?” he asked with a huge smile on his face.

My heart swelled with being called by my new name. He got out of the car and walked around to open my door for me, holding out his hand, he helped me to my feet. His lips were on my mine in seconds. I moaned. I did want to spend time with everyone, but I really just wanted to be alone with my husband. He slowly pulled away from our kiss, shut the car door, and we walked toward the restaurant entrance.

Chapter 3 I Can't Get you Out of my Head teaser

You’re breaking our machines now?  Edward says.  She's obviously too stupid to know how to work it; it's not hard at all.  

He knows she's pretending not to know how to make copies just to work him over, but he's too smart for her.   Ignoring her expectant smile, he cuts in front of her, clears the machine, presses a flurry of buttons, and loads his papers.  She can’t actually need his help; she’s probably trying to trick him.  All women these days are the same—deceptive and artificial.

Rosalie steps aside, smiling at Edward, but her face drops when he loads his own papers. As the copier spits out paper after paper, Rosalie's gratitude turns to rage. Then Edward has the audacity to roll his eyes at her—as if somehow, she was in the wrong.  She can't believe what an asshole he is.  How could he be so mean?  Even if he hates her, he’s supposed to be her mentor. She goes back to the copier and, once again, tries to figure out what the hell to do.  Thankfully, another teacher—one who isn't on a power trip obviously meant to compensate for a needle dick—walks in and shows her what to do.  


Chapter 11 - The Morning After

I woke up and looked around. I was confused at first until I felt a warm body next to me. Then it all came flooding back to me. I left the club with Edward and had amazing sex. Then it hit me; I had sex with Edward!

Christ, what have I done?
What’s going to happen now that he’s got what he wanted? I really had no idea what to expect now from him.

All I knew was that I need to pee and my mouth felt like I sucked on cotton. I carefully got out of his bed and made my way to the bathroom. I was pretty amazed at how clean it was since most men that live alone are slobs. I knew Edward had money, maybe he had a maid. No single guy is this clean.

My extreme thirst was the next priority, so I quickly did what I had to do in the bathroom and then went in search of my clothes I found the fact that I was walking naked through Edward’s apartment looking for my clothes rather funny. I only manged to find my shirt and bra, so I grabbed a throw from his couch and wrapped it around me before heading to to the kitchen to get water.

After drinking three glasses I felt a little better. I needed to get back into Edward’s room and retrieve the rest of my clothes. I glanced at the clock on the wall, it was only five forty-eight. I wondered if I could slip into his room find my clothes and leave before he woke up and make a hasty getway. Then it hit me that I didn’t drive. Fuckity, fuck, fuck! What was I going to do?

With everything in me, I hated Rose. This was all her fault! All her doing! I may just have to kill her.


Chapter 3 Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

As she washes her hair she can't help but think about his tattoos. Even though she despises him, his tattoos are so sexy.  She wonders if they hurt?  What was his first one?  The eagle on his strong shoulder pops in her head. She traces the skin over her shoulders imagine what her own tattoo would feel like.  "Thinking about getting a tattoo like me Bella?"  She glares at him and turns off the water.  It angers her that he caught her off guard.   He hands her the towel.  "If you want one, that would make my day."  She just ignores him and that makes him chuckle.
Jasper walks her to their vanities.  "Mother bought you special hair gel and lotion.  It matches your hair and skin type, she knows all about this beauty stuff."  Bella looks down at the items and can instantly tell they each had to have cost at least fifty dollars, if not more.   Even though they're  expensive, she doubts that it would really be any different  than the brands she buys.  The moment the lotion touches her skin she realizes she's wrong.  It's pure silk against her skin.   She's never felt so smooth and soft before.  
Before she can even try more, a fancy perfume catches her eye.  She picks it up the expensive perfume and reads the note.   Bella, my newest daughter.  I know you will love this fragrance and it will drive Jasper wild.  Love Esme  Reluctantly she sprays the perfume on her writs and immediately she is stunned.  How can one woman know what another likes in perfume?  This family is crazy, but obviously lives well.   Suddenly she feels his eyes on her.  She hates that he's watching her every move. 

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