Friday, February 19, 2010

Guest Review - MaitresseSaint

So, we're posting a Guest Review today instead of our normal Friday WIP or Completed Fic. Why? Because my other two fellow Naughty Girls are sick and need time to recover. Get well soon Kathy and Carol. I feel so alone :(

We were lucky enough to have our very good friend and fellow Jasper lover MaitresseSaint drop by and leave us a review. Thanks for pinch hitting. We love you!

Carousel by Lilly Monroe

This story was rec’d to me by a fellow J/B lover and author. I was super skeptical at first because the only dark fic I had ever read was You’ll Be Mine and that is a vamp fiction. Anyway, Carousel is AH, dark, and not at all what I was expecting.

Jasper and Bella are both dealing with dealing with different types of addiction and are sent to live with their aunt and uncle (no they are not related). Both characters have dark pasts and are dealing with a lot of unresolved issues and heartbreak. There is definitely a love/hate relationship between the two and it quickly spirals out of control and becomes a game. There are so many emotions packed into these chapters. I cried, laughed, and got turned on, but for the most part I was angry with the two main characters. I wanted to mother them and discipline them for the way they were screwing up their lives, but to me that shows that Lilly Monroe is a great author. I have read enough fanfic that it’s hard to get a reaction out of me and this fic did just that.

Jasper and Bella aren’t the only two characters in this story though and neither was my favorite. Edward was my fav in Carousel. Shocking, I know, but true. His genuine concern and like towards Bella made me want them together. Not to mention that the lemon with Edward was by far my favorite in the story. His relationship with Jasper, his cousin, was heartbreaking. He was only in a few chapters, but I really hoped that we would see more of him and we still may. Carousel is complete; however, it left off at what I would call a cliffy. Lilly Monroe has promised a sequel, so I am sitting and waiting… somewhat patiently for that. :)

Thanks so much MaitressSaint for reviewing this fic for us. I can't wait to read it.

Check back tomorrow when we rec Haunted by none other than our very own guest reviewer.

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  1. I love you girls, too!!! I hope you get well soon, Carol & Kathy :(