Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday O/S Rec's


Summary - Six years after leaving Bella in the forest, Edward lives a life of abject misery, grasping at the shreds of oblivion rarely within his reach. Edward x Bella. Rated M for lemons and other disturbing things.

This story is very dark, you’ve been warned.

This was such a different take on our Darkward. He does things in this fic that we normally wouldn't consider. You'll have to read to see what I mean. This was a very well developed o/s that could certainly be turned into a full blown fic. The story takes us into Edward's life six years after leaving Bella in the forest. He is miserable and disturbed. Can he reconnect with Bella?  Very original story line.


The Claiming by Leria


Summary - This is a BxE one shot that I submitted on Twilighted dot net for a smut challenge. It is M/NC-17 rated for mature audiences only! Bella finally gets what she has wanted from Edward since her change.

After finding out that Bella has been seeing Jacob on the side, Edward finally brings out his dominant side, which is what Bella has been craving from her husband all along. Hot, sexy, dominant Edward reclaiming his wife as his own makes for a great lemon. Enjoy!


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