Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - Just a little lemony one shot of what happens when Edward realizes Bella isn't a little girl any more and that he can't stand to see her with any other man than himself.

Hmm...territorial Edward. I like it. Edward is a bit older then Bella, but she has always wanted to be with him. He has never seen her as more than a young friend of his sister, but that all seems to change when he sees her at a party. What makes Edward explode with desire and possession? Go check it out. Hot lemon alert!


Bacon by sfiddy

Summary - Darksper. Things go very wrong at Bella's birthday party, but nothing is what you think it is.

Okay so you want to read Darksper? Well I have a Darksper for you that will blow you away. Sfiddy has delivered him like you've never seen. This is her first time at writing Darksper, but when you read it, you'd swear she was meant to write him. Go check it out and leave her some love. It's very well written and very dark.

Jasper's Darlin' Kathy

CrossCountry Kidnap by jjSpence

Summary - Riley Summers is an infamous thief. He gets a job to kidnap, the daughter of James Hunter, CEO of Hunter Bank. With Hunter’s daughter in the backseat, Riley has to drive across country to his employer. For the Show Us Your Darkside Contest. R/B

So here's something you don't read every day... a Riley/Bree pairing. This was another great entry from our Show Us Your Darkside contest. Riley gets employed by Victoria to kidnap Bree Hunter. Interesting things happen and feelings develop on their journey from San Diego (where Bree lives) to New York City (where Victoria is). In the end, Riley delivers Bree to Victoria, but discovers that he has fallen for her in their time together. What to do? The author has left the option of continuing this story open, so go read it and leave her some love.


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