Friday, May 28, 2010

Domination Friday...Submit To These Fics Today...

It's no secret that we like a steamy dominant fic here on the Naughty Girls Blog. And, we just finished featuring our winners here this week, but now we'd like to spotlight some of the other entries we received. So, over the next few Friday's, we'll be rec'ing the remaining entries. Today, we start with a Domward and a Domsper. TwiCarol made us these sexy new banners...


Summary -Written for the Best Domination Ever Contest. Bella really hated Edward, despite how much she loved it when he did really bad things to her. EXB Lemons!

Cullen818 - This was a really hot little o/s with a creative twist. Edward takes charge and knows exactly what Bella wants despite what she says. Can she give in, let go and let him take charge? I would! Very lemony sex in this one. 

JaspersDarlinKathy This o/s was steamy and I loved it! Who could say no to Edward? I know that I wouldn't be able to say no. This Domward in this o/s is oh so sexy and very delicious. Oh and hating Edward only makes the lemony goodness better.

TwiCarol - Wow! This o/s was extremely hot and you won't find any complaints about that here! Edward rocked Bella's world in this and he rocked mine too. So completely f*ckhawt! You have to read this; not only for the lemony goodness, but for the twist at the end that will catch you completely unawares.


Summary - O/S for the Best Domination Ever Contest. Always looking from the distance, lusting after the one he can’t have, Jasper resorts back to his old ways. Will Bella finally see the truth or will Edward stand in the way? Who will claim her in the end? Darksper

Cullen818 - Well, who wouldn't want Jasper to claim them? The Major is a man on a mission in this one and he is focused on Bella and Bella alone. This Jasper is dark, dominant, lustful and down right delicious. My favorite line occurs at the end of the fic. It was so very fitting. If you're craving a Darksper fix, read this one.

JaspersDarlinKathy - So this o/s here delivers a very dominant Jasper and I was like 'oh yes!' Jasper can claim me any day and I would gladly submit to him. This is one of those fics that gives you everything you want: Domsper, Darksper, lust, lemons, and a very very super yummy Jasper. If you haven't read it yet, you need to. You'll love it.

TwiCarol - Holy Hotness, Batman! I love Jasper in all his incarnations, but this Darksper/Domsper is just UNF! So hot! I highly recommend that you go read this one immediately... you won't be sorry! You'll be wishing you were Bella in no time.

Thanks again for following us this week. We thoroughly enjoyed being Dominated by all of the fics in The Best Domination Ever Contest! Be sure to stop back on Monday when winterstale joins us as the Naughty Girl for the day.

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