Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - The anatomy of a seduction - but who is seducing whom? B/E Dark. Lemons! Written for the In the Dark Contest.

Seduction, it's such a cool concept. This o/s takes a different approached to how Edward and Bella met. It's written from EPOV, and we get some insight into his newest human obsession, Carlisle even offers him some much needed advice. I enjoyed reading this fic, because Edward has some darker tendencies and it's captured rather nicely here, but we see that he is still capable of feeling something for Bella. The lemon is hot, but at the same time tender and sweet. If you're a fan of the AU Bella/Edward and you like reading him with some edge this fic is for you.

Summary - Just a week's worth of one shots that feature Bella and my favorite boys during jobs that make them oh so sexy.

So instead of rec'ing a single one shot for you this week, I'm giving you a five-for-the-price-of-one special. Or rather, abbymickey24 has given it to you, I'm just telling you to go read them because they are all fantastic! Each o/s features a hot man in a sexy job that takes care of Bella's needs, if you will. It starts out with a Peter/Bella, then a Jasper/Bella, then a Carlisle/Bella, then an Emmett/Bella and finally, another Jasper/Bella. And before you go thinking what a hoor Bella is and that she really gets around, remember it's a series of one shots and it's a different Bella each time. ;) So go read and enjoy!

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