Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday


My alarm started ringing and I hurried to turn the crappy device off. I went to the bathroom and had a quick shower, and I tried to keep the fact that today was the wedding from my head but that was impossible.

The wedding was finally here.

I went to my piano and sat down. I couldn't believe it was here. The fucking wedding was today and I would be playing an original piece I'd been working on for weeks, no months! My fingers glided over the keys as I played the piece. I couldn't make a mistake today. It was Bella's wedding! She had been so giddy over the event ever since the proposal and I couldn't ruin it for her by making a mistake.

Soon after nine that morning I got a little hungry so I ate a ham and cheese sandwich before going to get changed. Grabbing the music, I headed out of my apartment and to the car. My silver Volvo purred to life and I drove off to the church.

Getting out of the car, I saw the church where the wedding would take place. I straightened out my suit and walked to the doors of the church.

"Hey Edward, nervous?" My friend Taylor asked.

"Shut up," I forced a smile.

I looked over to Mike who just glared at me, obviously jealous.

I went into the church and felt the instant cool. The whole place was decorated with white ribbons and roses. There wasn't too much, but not too little, just enough to lighten the place up and give it a nice smell instead of the musky scent that churches usually had. Renee had done a great job.

I looked around and found the piano practice room. I set my bag down and tested the piano out. I then practiced until I heard a knock. I turned around and saw Bella. She was breathtakingly beautiful in a flowing white dress that sparkled with glittering flowers. Her hair had been tied up into a messy bun that seemed just right for the wedding.
"Bella…" I whispered "You look… beautiful."

She blushed madly at the comment. We stayed quiet for a little while, savoring the moment that, I knew, wouldn't last.

"Edward, are you okay?" She asked.

"I'm fine Bella," I smiled back.

"Well… just checking. You seem a little down," She finished.

"Bella, I'm fine. Stop worrying about me and worry about yourself for once. It's the wedding, Bella."

"Well… If you say so…" She picked up her dress. "See you later."

Chapter 19


“It’s not your job to protect me Bella,” I said. “I told you that when you tried to do it against Edward. I know what you are scared of, but it’s not going to happen.”

“I thought you wanted to hear my question,” she said, and I felt her anxiety.

“So, you’d change the subject and ask me a question you clearly don’t want to ask me just so we can’t discuss making love?”

“Umm, yeah,” she said. “That sounds about right.”

“You are absurd, Bella,” I said as I hugged her closer to me. “But, you’ve peaked my interest, so ask your question.”

“You’re an empath,” she said. “So, you have an unfair advantage.”

“I can feel what you are feeling, but you can’t do the same.”

“Right and you said that Alice knew on some level what I would mean to you.”

“I believe she did,” I said, wondering where she was headed with this.

“What do I mean to you, Jasper?”

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