Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - Holding A Scream


Summary -Bella is in love with Edward, but she's been having lustful thoughts about a certain blond vampire; the thoughts are making her feel incredibly guilty. Sometimes the guilt builds up, and all you can do is scream-in the arms of the one you desire...

So, I'm always looking for a good Bella/Carlisle fic. Papa Cullen kind of does it for me. This fic is about nine chapters in and gives us a completely different take on Bella and Carlsile. Bella is with Edward, but she seems to be having some inappropriate feelings for Carlisle, but little does she know Carlisle reciprocates. Problem for Carlsile is, Edward can hear all of these inappropriate thoughts. That sucks! 

This Bella is a bit OOC, in a good way, she stands up to Edward and his controlling ways and has decided that she's calling the shots when it comes to her life. I'm curious to see what happens when she realizes that Carlisle is lusting for her.

This is an interesting story and has a solid plot. The author updates on a regular basis too. So, stop by and don't forget to leave some love in the form of a review.

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