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Naughty Girl For A Day - Savage7289

So today I am here because I would like to announce that Savage7289 is a Naughty Girl for a Day. Savage7289, author of Want No More and winner of the voter's pick for The Best Domination Ever Contest has graciously agreed to do us the honor of being here with us today. She has some really amazing stories so be sure to check them out and leave her some love. Here is what she had to share with us.

Finding Bella by ekimmuh

Hello everyone! I'm Shay Savage, author of Hide and Drink, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be the Naughty Girl for the Day. I honestly don't do a lot of fic recs, but there are definitely a lot out there that make my toes curl, and I am definitely all in favor of an Edward Dom/Bella sub story. That being said, I am recommending Finding Bella by ekimmuh. I like it because it is not a typical D/s story, and because the author isn't afraid of delving into dark themes in a new way. Fair warning – as ekimmuh says in the story summary, this story is going to be dealing with rape, human trafficking and slavery and it might not be for you. If you don't want to read about that, don't go ** at the author later. You've been warned.

Finding Bella summary from Twilighted : A girl who is broken and a Dom who's willing to do what he'd never thought he would in order to help her. This is a BDSM story and contains dark themes including sexual slavery, rape, and D/s relationships.

Edward - I've been a Dom for over five years, since my sophomore year of college. In that time, I've had two collared subs and I've played with several more. I wasn't prepared for Isabella. I couldn't walk away though.

Bella - I am nothing.

My take on all this :
So…I'm probably secretly a sub at heart. Or maybe a Dom. Maybe not being able to decide is what intrigues me about D/s relationship stories. Finding Bella is a unique one in Twific, as far as I know. Bella is not a willing sub, but a slave who was taken against her will, and subsequently had her will broken. Edward is the Dom who finds her and goes against his own principles to save her. The only way he can get her out of her predicament? He has to buy her, of course.

I love the way ekimmuh gets into the heads of both of the characters. On the one hand, you have a pretty gentle Dom who just wants to do whatever it takes to help this abuse victim find herself again. On the other, you have a completely broken willed, terrified slave, who is willing to do anything to keep her new Master from sending her back to her abusers. It's an interesting chess game of enforcing one's will over another, with the desired outcome of teaching her to be able to stand on her own.

There are a few twists and turns and subplots, but the main focus is on Edward's need to help and growing love of the girl he bought, and his attempt to bring her out of her trauma induced shell. Bella is simply trying to survive in a situation where she believes she has no options.

Here's a teaser from the author's blog from Chapter 4 :

I led her over to the dining room table and motioned for her to sit. She complied without hesitation. Setting my briefcase down on the table I opened it and extracted three separate pieces of paper, handing them to her along with a pen. "I need you to fill these out. Be as honest as you can." She nodded and I left her to fill out the forms Carlisle had e-mailed me while I went to make us dinner. The forms were nothing special. They were the standard new patient forms one had to fill out anytime changing doctors asking for name, age, family medical history, etc. Although to be honest, I was just as curious about some of that information myself. She looked young. Very young. If I had to guess, I'd say she was no more than 19 or 20. I'd had a brief fear as I'd contemplated this on the way home that I'd 'purchased' a minor, but I pushed it aside. If that's what she was, then I'd turn her over to social services saying I'd found her wondering the streets. They'd never know unless Isabella told them and in her current condition, I didn't find that likely. Tonight dinner was simple, spaghetti. We didn't really have time for anything fancy since we had to be at Carlisle's office by seven. When I brought the plates over to the table, she was on the last page. Isabella glanced at the plate but didn't stop writing until I took the papers and pen out of her hand. "Eat first. You can finish filling these out after you're done."

Final thoughts :

I like it. I like it a lot. The pacing is well done, without a lot of rushing into things just for the sake of getting to this part of the plot or that one. The style is smooth and the transitions between EPOV and BPOV are fairly smooth. If you like a good comfort/hurt story I'd definitely recommend you check this one out, even if you don't normally get into the D/s stuff. Check it out! You won't regret it!


So be sure to check this story out that Savage has rec'd for us. I'm sure it will be an amazing read. I plan to find out, right about now.

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