Friday, June 25, 2010

Domination Friday

So, we're back with two more of our Best Domination Ever Contest Entry Recs.


Disclaimer - This fic while a dominant one, also contains dark themes such as kidnapping. Don't like it, don't read it.

Summary - Bella Swan fall victim to kidnapping by vampires. But, what could they possibly want with her? And who is The Major? A/U, rated for strong language, dark themes, lemons and mind violence.

So, yeah, I like to be "taken" by this Jasper, but who wouldn't? In this story the Major comes out to play and he is one fierce vampire that shouldn't be messed with. He gave me chills and gave Bella a few other things. Lucky girl!

Let's just say Jasper has a way with women in this one...

I watched his blonde curls fall over his eyes and he went to the corner of the bed, rummaging under the mattress. A second later he pulled out an adjustable chain and strap. My eyes widened in surprise and fear, Jasper simply smirked. Before I could even take my next breath, he had my ankle strapped and adjusted to the right angle. I stared at the restraint and had a hard time processing the situation. I was tied to a bed with a blood thirsty monster and yet...I felt only calm.

Oh and you might want to check out the little matter of how he collars Bella in this one. Very erotic and very hot.

Another fantastic entry from our contest, this o/s has a smoking hot Major that would make any girl jealous of Bella. A unique storyline that makes for a great read... you should definitely head over to check this one out. Oh, Major... *sigh*


Summary - Jasper has spent a decade being married to the most wonderful woman on the planet. With their anniversary coming up, just how does he plan on showing her how much he loves her? My entry for the Best Domination Ever Contest. Rated M for BDSM themes.

So, sometimes you just need to spice things up in a marriage and Jasper knows exactly what his wife needs. It's their ten year anniversary and he is about to show her something special. And, the things that Jasper does, well, they're hot. He's sexy, caring and oh so dominant (in a loving way). This was a creative, well written o/s. Go check it out. 

I REALLY enjoyed this o/s. All I can say is Jasper's wife is one lucky, LUCKY woman! Being married to that much hotness for ten years & getting a surprise like that? *THUD* If you haven't read this yet, do yourself a favor & go right now. The author did a wonderful job with it, so be sure to leave her some love. Enjoy!

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