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Naughty Girl For A Day - tiffaninichole

It is my pleasure to present the lovely tiffaninichole as our Naughty Girl For A Day. This is part of her prize for her fantastic entry into our Best Domination Ever Contest, Bella's Dirty Notebook, which was one of our Naughty Girls Picks. So without further ado, here we go...

Hi guys! My name is Tiffani, but you all know me as tiffaninichole. I'm honored and super excited to be here, recc'ing this story to you all!

Three's A Crowd by Savannah Vee
Bella / ?

My rec for today is a fic by the great Savannah Vee. Although Uncomfortable is awesome as hell in all its slashy goodness, I wanna take a moment to tell you all about Three's A Crowd. In this story, Bella is the new gal in town and the Cullen boys, Edward and Jasper, immediately take a liking to her.

The boys are both vying for her attention, although they go about it in different ways. Edward is more subtle and sweet while Jasper is ruthless and will throw anyone--including Edward-- under the bus to get the girl. And trust me, he's no holds barred! Sometimes, I'm tempted to kick Jasper's ass for being so trifling to poor, innocent Eddie.

While reading, I find myself constantly rooting for a different brother with each chapter. One minute, I'm rooting for Edward because he's so sweet and his intentions are honorable. But then Jasper comes along, being all super fuckable and hot and I can't help but want Bella to get her a sample of that. I mean, he did meet her first. So he should get first dibs... right?

Bella, of course, is torn. Who wouldn't be with two hot ass vamps trying their hardest to win her heart? Oh, I did mention they were vampires, right? That makes them even sexier. The danger, the animalistic claiming... and growling. Yes, they growl. And I orgasm every time. Swoooon.

Now, they aren't the kind of vamps that SMeyer created, but that's what makes them even better. Fangs = Hotness.

Check out this little snippet describing the ridiculous sexy that is Edward Cullen :

"He stood straight, his hands sliding into the pockets of his jeans, legs apart at shoulders width in a casual, yet model-like stance. He had to look down at me as I sat in the driver seat of my tiny, blue Mini Cooper S because he was so tall, and the way he was standing sort of looked like he was modeling the jeans he was wearing. And he was modeling them very well, I might add. I took a moment to appraise him – my heart nearly stuttering in my chest as I took in his appearance.

He was freshly showered.

And believe me, a freshly showered Edward Cullen was just as good – if not better than – a sweaty, half naked Edward Cullen, because although he still had the sexy, wet look going on, he wasn't wet with sweat. Not that he ever smelled bad or wasn't utterly mouth watering when he was sweaty, but still, a damp, sweaty guy – although hot as hell – was still a little gross. A damp, just washed guy was certainly more appealing.

His faded blue jeans didn't have a belt around them, which meant that they were falling down his hips, stopping at the point where a good amount of his ass crack would be showing, if I could see it. And usually I thought sagging pants on a guy just looked silly, you know, like his pants were gonna fall down around his ankles at any moment. But on Edward, Jasper, and most of the hot guys around here who either seemed to lack belts, or didn't know their correct size in pants, sagging was ok in my book. Hell, sagging was fuckhot in my book.

He had on black boxers poking out of the top of his jeans. And although I tried really hard not to direct my attention to his...ahem...groin area, I noticed Calvin Klein written in white, running along the top of them, and um...I could also see the button on the front of his boxers. Yes, that little button that guys could open up and stick their schlongs through to pee, instead of having to pull down their underwear, lucky bastards. And yes, if I could see the button you'd better believe his pants were deliciously low..."

Now is that description not the hottest shit ever, or what? And that's not all, she goes on to describe more, but I'll leave the rest for you to check out on your own ;-) I mean, how could you not wanna run over and devour this fic after reading about the hotness that is Edward and Jasper? Do yourself a favor and read this now.

I'll say this in advance: You're welcome. ^_^

When you head on over there, leave a review and tell Savannah that I sent you.

Thanks so much for the great rec, Tiffani. I will definitely be checking that one out. And to the rest of you reading this, if you haven't read Bella's Dirty Notebook yet, best you check it out because it is smoking hot and a fantastic read. And while you're there, leave the lady some love & tell her how much we would all like to read more of that sexy Jasper. ;)

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