Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - Surrendered


Summary - Most of my pleasure comes from controlling them, not f**king them. Edward Cullen should be no exception to this rule. And yet, I can't stop thinking about him." Will Bella get control over Edward? Will Edward submit to her desires? D/S

So, I'm with TwiCarol this week. I enjoy reading a good E/B AH fic. I like when Edward is human so much better than when he's a vamp. My weakness is the D/s E/B AH fics.

I've made no secret that some of my all time FF faves are The Dominant and Master of the Universe, but this one is a bit different for me. The roles are reversed in this story and Edward is the one who may have to submit. I say "may" because we're  only seven chapters in and eviekinz is still developing a very strong story.

I'm enjoying this Bella. She's strong, dominant and confident, but Edward seems to be getting to her. Will she be able to have him the way she needs to? Or, is he not submissive enough for her?

The set up is pretty interesting and I'm liking how these two respond to one another. Bella's inner monologue is a trip.

Here's a chapter seven teaser...

I like control. Not just being in control, but the consciousness of control. The experience of control. The sagacity it brings…and the capacity to manipulate control itself.

One of the first things Mistress Rose helped me understand is what happens when I seize control from someone: the steps involved, how it progresses, how to reinforce it, what can go wrong when you have it, and how to give back control when done.

I'm an addict. It's my drug and I have to have it. I don't know how to function without it. I have to control everything in my life right down to my orgasms…especially my orgasms. They are the ultimate 'Fuck You' from my body; a way of telling me no matter what I want, my body will do what it wants anyway. It wants RPS.

Our limbs are tangled, and my face is wet. Kissing someone fervently and vigorously is chaotic and sloppy. Saliva gets everywhere.

If I'm to gain the advantage, I have to do it now. He is touching me; his hands skim my body and the message is clear. My body is responding, making its demands known…

Fuck him
Fuck him

Fuck him

I'm fighting his body. He's trying to push, but I pull. He wants to stay, so I go. His eyes are saying yes, but mine say no.

"Okay, I give up," he says.

Wanna know what happens? Of course you do, so go check it out and be sure to let the author know she's doing an excellent job.  I know you'll think so too! 

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