Monday, August 2, 2010

TwiCarol's Fic Rec


Summary - Bella Swan has spent a lifetime putting everyone else's needs before her own. Could a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger begin to change all of that? AU/AH

I have been going through a stage where I've mainly been reading AH Edward/Bella fics. *Gasp* I know right! But what about Jasper? He is still my main man and always will be, but there is just something special about some of the AH Edwards out there that completely does it for me. And it certainly doesn't hurt having the image of HHH Robert Pattinson in mind when reading these fics. Just saying. Anyway, moving on... let me just say that the lemons in Last Tango in Forks are some of the hottest I have ever read. Trust. The story is well-written and draws you in from the beginning. Edward has been through some very difficult times and is tortured. Bella gives him just what he needs to soothe his soul (and I'm not just talking about the smexing). It's fourteen chapters in and I can't wait for the next one. So go check it out, I guarantee you won't be sorry.

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