Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Oneshot Wonder Recs


Summary - World famous artist, Carlisle Cullen, has just moved next door to the Masens. Will their friendship help them to overcome heartache? One-shot for Kittenmischief's Hot Bitch contest.

This was an extremely sexy, steamy oneshot. Edward and Bella are happily married, but what happens when a reclusive artist, who has lost his muse, moves in next door? When Carlsile agrees to paint a portrait of Bella, will he find inspiration?

You'll need to read to see what Bella and Edward do for him, but I have to warn you it's very hot. The images of Carlisle, Edward and Bella that flashed through my head while reading this fic were very vivid. If you're looking for some Sunday smut, read this one!


Summary - ONE SHOT Entry for the MHB contest for kittenmischief OOC AU/AH RPOV: Rosalie has been in trouble too many times at Masen Academy and Head Master Cullen has decided that a new approach is needed to straighten her out. LEMONADE CXR.

Okay, so I know that Carlisle and Rose pairing may not be something you want to read, but before you run away from this rec, let me tell you just how fucking hot this two shot was. I mean, hello. I totally need a cold shower now. I was like 'oh my Carlilse' the whole time I was reading this fic. He could totally be my Head Master Hot Bitch any day and I would be oh so happy. Just trust me for one second and go check this fic out, I bet you'll get just as hot and bothered as I did. Luvrofink has delivered some delciousness that could make any girl drool with envy. Don't believe me? Go read it and you'll see that drooling isn't the only thing that you do, eww don't be nasty, I was talking about fanning yourself with your hand.


Summary - Bella surprises Jasper, after a business trip, with a little something new in the bedroom. A submission for the Twi-Girl Revolution Under Her Thumb Challenge.

So I was struggling find a o/s for today & I suddenly came across this hot little gem in my travels. Bella's gorgeous husband, Jasper comes home from a business trip and Bella has a surprise for him; something they've never tried before. And DAMN, is it smoking hot! Who wouldn't absolutely LOVE playing with Jasper this way and having him call you "Ma'am"? Go read & enjoy! It'll make your Sunday!

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