Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - This is a place to house my FFFA out-take, mostly. I don't know if there will be other SoaPM out-takes, but if there are, they will be found here! AH Edward/Bella/Jasper. M for very mature content.

So, we all know that I adored Son of A Preacher Man (even though it didn't go in a certain blond cowboys favor) and I love LaViePastiche, so when I came across this juicy little outtake, I may have squeed!!!!

It's a lemony o/s that gives Bella a chance at having both Edward and Jasper at the same time. That's reason enough, right there, to read, but the fic has other fantastic qualities. Her Jasper, for instance!!! If you were a fan of SoaPM, then you have to read this outtake. I don't care who you wanted her to end up with, this one will make you smile.


Summary - Struggling to fill his solitary hours, Jasper decides to play a little game at the grocery store, but who will be the winner?

This naughty little J/B o/s is another entry from the yummy Lovin' In The Oven Contest. Jasper being a bad boy at the grocery store and giving Bella an orgasm in the produce aisle without even touching her? Yes, please! This is definitely worth a read & I personally would love to see the author continue this. Check it out, you won't be sorry.

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