Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cullen818 Fic Rec - Hard to Get


Summary - When it comes to boys, it's never been hard for Bella to take what she pleases, but on her first day of school, she meets mysterious, but aloof Edward Cullen. Will he be her biggest challenge yet? BxE a/u canon pairings MA for language & lemons/ UST OOC

Don't cha just love a dirty Bella?  Oh and Edward is no saint is this one either. Bella can have any boy she wants, it's never been a challenge for her until she sets her sights on Edward Cullen.

This is such a fun twist on the original tale. It follows the Twilight timeline pretty closely, but the author adds all the risque business we ALL wanted to read in the first book. What would happen if Edward was already sexually active when he meets Bella?  I bet those visits to her bedroom would have gone much differently.

And, this Bella is fun to read. She has edge and her inner monologue is entertaining.

Doctor Cullen was hawt. His hands were gentle and unusually cold as he placed them on my abdomen, pressing down and feeling for internal injuries. Seated on a bed in the ER triage area, I tried to stay focused as he examined me, listening to his commands and following them for Charlie's benefit. With my dad around, I wasn't free to flirt with the toothsome doctor. Charlie was already pissed that Tyler had nearly made road kill of his daughter.


The entire weekend I was off kilter. Edward had affected me on some bizarre emotional level, and not even my faithful Jackrabbit could ease me. By the time I returned to school Monday morning, I prayed that he wasn't there, but there was also a minuscule part of me that hoped to see him in all of his perfection, walking with his siblings toward the entrance to the school. This was all wrong. He shouldn't be getting to me, I reasoned, and that's when it hit me. It had been weeks. All this lack of sex was clouding my good, rational thinking. How did married people do it?

Check this one out. It's different, entertaining and really well written. It's about six chapters in and was recently updated.

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