Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs

Hello Naughty Girls! Before I start today's post, I need to give TwiCarol her props!  Look at our new blog! Don't you love it? Carol worked really hard on updating the blog and making all the new cool DOMINATING corresponding banners! It's fantastic Carol!  Thank You!

So, on with the show...


Summary - Some slightly angsty birthday drabbles for my lovely beta Cullen818. Edward and Jasper are supposed to be lifelong friends, but are they going in different directions? E/J Slash, AH, M for Mature Audiences only.

Okay, yes, this was written for my birthday and I'm extremely flattered, but I'm not biased. Check this one out and you'll see why I'm rec'ing it. My good friend twistedfortwilight has a way with words, a talent for slash and can write an E/J pairing like no other. Not only is there a plot here, but to be able to do it through 100 word drabbles is an amazing task. You'll see...

Summary - Submission for "The Sport of Love" Writer's Challenge... Edward and Emmett are high school wrestlers looking to make money. They enter an illegal fighting ring and hire an unconventional trainer. Who will they face in the ring and will they win? WARNING: HUMOR
What can I say? I'm on a FL95 roll at the mo. You can expect even more of her genius fuckery in next week's Some Light In The Dark segment. But, for now, let's talk about the awesomeness that is Face Punch (and I'm not talking about the movie that made that wuss Mike Newton sick). This o/s was a collab between FL95 & danielle123 for the "Sport of Love" contest over on The Writer's Coffee Shop. The characters in this o/s are epically funny (Emmett was my fave) & unlike any you've read. Trust me, this will definitely brighten your day. It certainly did mine. And just for the record, the Jasper in this story is INSANE! You have to read it to believe it. Classic!

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