Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday TwiCarol!

We'd like to extend a Happy Birthday wish to our fellow Naughty Girl TwiCarol!  Without her, Kathy and I wouldn't have a blog!


I would like to wish you a very, very Happy Birthday. I am honored to call you my friend and fellow naughty girl. You are an amazing person and I am thrilled that we are friends. May today be filled with love, laughter, family, friends, and of course some yummy goodness. Here's a little something from me to you:

Love ya,


Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with every special thing imaginable! I just wanted to take today to tell you how fortunate I feel to have met you through this crazy addiction of ours! You're always there talking me off the ledge and you never let me throw in the writing towel; no matter how many times I've wanted to! lol

Thanks for being a sexy fellow naughty girl, an impeccable beta and most importantly, a true friend. And, in honor of your recent Edward infatuation (don't think I haven't noticed!) there will be a Friday Lemon Drizzle that I wrote with you in mind!


***A special thanks to Jasper's Izzy (and company) for supplying us with the birthday banner. Lord knows (and so does Carol) that Kathy and I weren't capable of that!


  1. Happy Birthday Carol. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love and *coughs* EdwardPorn*coughs*
    I hope you like the banner. I'm nowhere near as good as you. The manip was done by the lovely and talented Rason, not me. I just asked her if I could use it.
    I hope you find yourself in that tropical island with that sexy man, even if in your glorious dreams tonight. Have a wonderful day, sugar and eat lots of cake for us all.
    Much love,

  2. Wow! You lovely ladies have blown me away & even brought a tear to my eye (yes, I am WAY too emo lately, I know!). Thank you both so very much for the kind words & sentiments, they really do mean the world to me. I am so grateful to have met the wonderfulness that is Kathy through Steph. And as for you, Steph, I've told you before & I'll say it again, meeting & becoming friends with you has brought meaning & purpose to my life that I was sorely lacking at the time. I treasure our friendship & adore your writing (it's what drew me in to this fantastic fandom after all, SM just planted the seed. lol). So thank you both once again for this wonderful birthday surprise. It has truly made my day.

    And to you, Izzy, I thank you for kind words & your awesome smoking hot banner! I absolutely LOVE it! And let's face it, if Edward really had a body like that, none of us would be responsible for our actions. lol. He wouldn't stand a chance! And thanks to Rason for letting you use the manip. Very nicely done! *drools*

    P.S. I would like to take this opportunity to state that even though I seem to have jumped ship from Jackson to Rob, I still fancy Jackson, just not when he makes that stupid smug face. Having said all that, I want to lick Rob all over (except when he grows the Mountain Man beard). There, I said it! ;)

    Love you all loads & thanks again SO much!

  3. Happy Birthday, Carol!! Thank you so much for helping make our lowly existences a little more exciting with the Naughty Girls blog! You rock and I hope your birthday is majorly awesome!!

    xoxo Charli ;o)