Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday

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I was in my room waiting for Bella. She was currently in Alice's room and was being tortured as she put it, as Alice played 'Bella barbie'. I hated to leave her, I can't believe in 48 hours she would be my wife. Emmett, Japser, Carlisle and I where going on a two day hunting trip for big game, as I need to be well feed for our honeymoon, mainly the wedding night. It couldn't come fast enough for me, we have come so far in our physical relationship, that I know we can do this and she will be safe. We have gotten carried a few times and It has taken all of our self-control to stop ourselves.

I could hear Bella and Alice approaching the room. They walked in and and Bella took my breath away.

“You look stunning love,” I pulled into my arms and kissed her.

“Don't mess up her hair and makeup,” Alice yelled .“She has to presentable for her bridal shower.”

“Thanks,” Bella said in a weak voice.

“The next time I see you Bella you will be walking down the isle to marry me.” I said as I softly kissed her lips.

“I know, don't be late,” she giggled. “I'm going to miss you.”

I leaned down to kiss her once again and she pulled me close and the kiss depend. Our tongues meet and she moaned. She would be the death of me for sure.

Alice came like a whirlwind back into the room, “Break it up you two. Edward the guys are waiting and Bella your guests will be arriving soon,” she said giving us the death glare.

I leaned down and kissed Bella one last time. “I will miss you love. Please try and have some fun tonight.”


Chapter 16 - Happy Birthday Jasper

The image on that screen was remarkable. I had seen pictures, computer images of a sonogram, but never had I experienced one in person. It was breathtaking, and I was sure this one meant even more to me, since it was my own baby. I asked as many questions as I could think of. I wanted to know as much as I could about our little miracle.

I counted the fingers and the toes, got a good look at all the organs, checked that the spine was intact and then finally confirmed what I had felt all along.

“You know an awful lot about the anatomy of a fetus,” the tech observed. “Are you a doctor?”

“Practically,” Bella spoke for the first time in a while. “I told you he was really smart.”

“So, do you want to know the sex?” The tech asked. “Although, I have a feeling Mr. Cullen already knows.”

“I have a strong feeling about it, but I’d rather have you confirm it for us.” I smiled.

“I want to know,” Bella squeaked. “I can hardly tell what I’m looking at.”

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