Monday, November 29, 2010

Cullen818 Recs - Behind Enemy Lines


Summary - What was the real story behind Jasper's almost-attack on Bella at the
birthday party? And what does it have to do with a mysterious history project? Bella & Jasper eventually, with plenty of Darkward thrown in for good measure. M for language.

So, I've been having a hard time finding good quality Jasper/Bella fics lately. I've either read them all, rec'd them all or am just too busy writing that I haven't had time to find them. So, if you know of any, please share them with me.  We know, he's my true love at heart!

Anyway, I stumbled upon this one and thought the summary sounded interesting. I'm glad I clicked on it. First, I'll say it's well developed, clearly thought out and flows rather nicely. All pluses in my book.  And, I happen to find this Jasper kinda sexy. That always helps!

Now, if the J/B pairing wasn't enough. We all know who my fave dark vamp is and when I read Darkward was in this fic, well, it was a win, win!  The story is six chapters in and the plot is building. Bella needs Jasper's help and while initially he is apprehensive, his interest in peaked.

Here's a peek at chapter one...


She was usually so... normal. Her emotions ran the gamut every few minutes but they were strong, simple and predictable. Contentment. Love. Determination. Doubt. The occasional spike of lust. Happiness. Comfort. Curiosity. Bella's human limitations made it easy for me to be near her because unlike the vampires I was surrounded with daily, she was capable of only one emotion at a time. Focusing on her emotions gave me a break from the onslaught I felt from the family every day and left me feeling refreshed. It was one of the main reasons I was often found loitering in the background when she visited. I could stand in a corner and quietly absorb one emotion at a time, whilst maintaining a safe enough distance for Edward to feel comfortable.

Today however, was not refreshing or predictable. She was barely through the door when her emotions started racing. Her face betrayed nothing as she continued to speak to Edward and the rest of the family but the myriad of feelings she was putting forth caught my attention immediately. Hurt. Boredom. Fear. Excitement. Despair. Boredom again. Nausea. Apprehension. Sincerity. Hope. This was not the Bella cocktail I was used to and she was speeding through them at a rate that was starting to make me feel a little dizzy.

Apparently getting my attention was the whole point because she smiled at me and dug around in her bag for a moment before walking towards me and handing me a book on the Civil War.

"Thanks for loaning me this book Jasper. You were right, it was a really interesting read." She continued to smile, pushing more sincerity at me.

"You're welcome Bella. By all means, borrow any others from my study that interest you." I returned her smile, tucking the book under my arm.

She hesitated momentarily then continued. "Oh, feel free to recommend something else. I've seen how many books you have. I wouldn't know where to start. Besides, I'm sure you'd rather I read something with as few historical inaccuracies as possible."

Edward threw her an sharp look but she had already turned her attention towards Emmett, flopping down onto the floor beside him as she swiped the spare controller and proceeded to lose the first round squarely to her second favourite Cullen. Edward momentarily cocked his head in my direction, no doubt listening in to my thoughts, but I was already feigning boredom by then, translating the sonnets of Shakespeare into Mandarin. He frowned, huffed slightly, then returned his attention to Bella, leaving me to slip away to my study unhindered.

I was keen to work out why Bella had returned a book to me that wasn't mine.

I love Jasper's voice in this story. It's so him, or at least what I envision him to be. I'm curious to see where Jazzella takes us, but so far, I haven't been disappointed.  I don't think you'll be either.

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