Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - Jasper's ashamed of his body, and Bella shows him - in great detail - why there's no reason he should be.

This one I read awhile back, but happened to stumble upon it again over at I was more than happy to read it again. Its an AH fic that makes pretty good use of Jasper's scars. Jasper's ashamed to show off his body (that should be a crime) but when Bella catches a glimpse of him shirtless, well, girl can't help herself and really, who could blame her? Its a steamy, lemony story that's sure to spice up your Sunday!

The 100 Year Old Virgin AKA Emmett's Advice by BellaFlan

Summary - Cut to the bachelor Party scene from Breaking Dawn. Emmett decides it's time to give Edward "The Talk". One shot...just a bit of fun. Rated M for graphic language.

I found this by accident & I consider myself most fortunate. This is an absolutely hilarious little piece of Emmett awesomeness that you just have to read. Emmett shares his immense sexual wisdom (love it!) with Edward before the BD wedding... a great laugh for a relaxing Sunday. Enjoy!

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