Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - Christmas comes early for Bella as she visits a toy department and has her own visit to Santa. Every woman's fantasy comes true as Santa gives her his own private present. Christmassy fluff!

I thought I'd get us in the holiday mood by rec'ing this fluffy, naughty little one shot. It's super sexy and deliciously steamy. See what happens when Bella sits on Santa's lap. It's cute! 

And, because I needed a slash fix...


Summary - Edward has a reason to love American History! How will he deal with his HOT new professor?

I love when Jasper is the teacher.  It does good things to me. Edward is about to learn a little more than American History in this hawt little fic. Happy Sunday!


Summary - WINNER of the Killing Me Softly Song Contest. Bella Swan gets more than she bargained for when she meets mysterious "musician" Edward Cullen. Is he really the rock-god she imagines, or is his job a bit more colorful than that? o/s laughs and lemons.

What could be better for a relaxing Sunday than reading something hilarious written by the lovely & talented SnowWhiteHeart? Not much, so I hope you enjoy this o/s as much as I did. Edward is in a band, but it's not quite what Bella thinks she's going to see when she asks for tickets to his show. I laughed like a hyena when it came down to finding out what kind of music Edward plays. It's awesome! So freaking cute! I was as much of a fangirl as Bella by the end. Once again SnowWhiteHeart knocks it out of the park. No wonder she won the contest. Here's a snippet to whet your appetite...

He had deftly undone my front-closure bra, and let my breasts fall into his hands neatly. He squeezed and I moaned, "Are you going to make me sing, Mister Rock Star?"

Jesus Christ, who was writing my dialogue? Some porn director? I mentally castigated myself.

Read it, you'll love it.

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