Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday's One Shot Wonders


Summary - "On the 11th day of Christmas, Virgy gave to me: Edward with a santa hat on his peen." Day 11 of the SouthernFanFictionReview: 25 Days of Edward One Shots.

When the alert for this o/s appeared in my inbox yesterday, I knew I would have to look no further for something to rec today. Once again, 107yearoldvirgin has written something highly entertaining, freaking hilarious & fucking hot. What more could you ask for at this hectic time of year? I could tell you more about the storyline, but frankly, the "Edward with a santa hat on his peen" in the summary should be enough to get you clicking on the link above. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Summary - Edward discovers the consequences of driving tired when he meets Dr. Whitlock. SLASH. One-shot that is staying a one-shot. M for a reason. If you can't vote stay out! Reviews are appreciated!

I'm on a Jasper/Edward kick lately, so just ride it out with me!  I stumbled upon this little ditty when I was reading Punishment by the same author. I'll be rec'ing that in the next week or so, but anyway, I thought I'd mention this fun fic. See what happens when Dr. Cullen hits a dog and has to bring the poor fella in to Dr. Whitlock's animal hospital. It gets pretty steamy in there!
Now, according to an a/n, the fic is being continued by another author. I haven't had a chance to check that out yet, but its an option if you need to see what happens to these two naughty boys!

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