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Naughty Girl For A Day - Givemesomevamp

Is it Monday already? Blah...

Well, now that most of us are up and out of bed, I'm excited to introduce our guest Naughty Girl...

How cool is that? I mean, the Quiet Room and Slow Burn have to be on every Jasper girl's reading list!  So, we couldn't be more tickled pink to have a true fellow Jasper's Naughty Girl!

Hiya! I’m so frickin’ thrilled to be here as a Naughty Girl for a Day! Seriously. Those of you that know me, know I went through my five stages of dealing with fuck-awesome news:

1. Disbelief and reconfirmation

2. Bouncing, squeeing, and peeing

3. Changin’ undies as a result of step 2

4. Post-geek out acceptance(after waitin’ the appropriate time length of time)

5. Circle jerk of insecurity and simultaneous squeeing

And on this oh-so-special occasion, we add:

6. WTF am I goin’ to post!!!!1111one11!!! I don’t know if y’all know this, but these amazing dark minxes basically gave my ass free leave. Bwhahahahahaha! *coughs* Sorry ‘bout that. I had a bit of evil stuck in my throat…I’m all better now.

At first I thought I could pimp some of my fave darkies like HammerHips’ Erzsebet or Decay, our collab Comfortably Numb, Betrayal or Dia de los Muertos by Stitchcat, Conflicted Solider by Rosella Whitlock, The Scent of Fear by MsEerieChastain, Learning to Kneel by Sneaky Snarky Subs and many, many more. But honestly, you could just take a gander at my profile page and spot most of these or their authors OR look at my recs on our site *shakin’ my tits and flashin’ some skin with shameless whoring here* , so *shrugs* meh. It seems…repetitive? Not sure that’s the exact word I’m lookin’ for, but it’s the one I’m goin’ with for the time being. And if I can at all prevent being predictable or repetitive I try to avoid that shit like brussel sprouts or my MIL…or my MIL toting brussel sprouts on the bristles of her broomstick.

Then, this week I was chattin’ with a friend about a fic she’s workin’ on with Controlsper and she confessed she’s a bit nervous about posting. Me – in all of my Care-bare naivety – asked, “Why?” I mean, with all of the shit (pardon my language) in some fanfics, you’re telling me she’s afraid of getting’ flamed for a little hot dominance. The short answer: yes. Yes, she is.

Alright, peeps, prepare for a mini-rant. *sirens blare and kids run for cover* This is not a drill. I repeat: This is not a drill.

I’ve read Diaperward, Incestsper, and many, Many, MANY other fucked up (in my opinion) fics but still the most despised storylines seem to be bondage fics. I….just don’t understand. Reading has always been my escape from RL and its harshness. BDSM is not a lifestyle I practice personally, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading a little somethin’, somethin’ every now and then. BUT if it’s not your cuppa, move the hell along. End of. I just refuse to believe that anyone has so much free time, so little brain power and such a desire to spew hatred that they are going to read a fic they know they don’t like or approve of chapter after chapter after chapter, just to leave hateful reviews. Seriously.

WTF, people. W.T.F. I mean, flounce. Push the button. We have the technology.

Have you ever noticed that when Jasper breaks out a commanding tone or handcuffs get brought out in a lemon, it’s hot. You label the same thing with BDSM and it just became an issue for all woman-kind? Why? When presented correctly and IN REAL LIFE, the sub is the one with all the power. They choose to submit. Why is that so degrading? And I feel compelled to point out that we’re reading about vampires and werewolves. I hear the whine of, “But it sets a bad example!” and I snort. Loudly. If you’re modeling your life after fanfic or even the original books, my friend, I think you have larger issues than leather and paddles. Oh well. I guess one person’s dream man is another person’s creepy nighttime stalker…

Random eye-candy just to make sure y’all are still payin’ attention;-)

Even among us dark-lovers here, we have different tastes in shades of our naughty chocolate, and you know what? That’s okay! Different stokes and gags and all that jazz… I have friends who don’t read BDSM because they just can’t get into them, they have moral issues with them, or they just seldom find one that’s good enough in their opinion. Same thing for slash fics. I can respect all of the above.

One of the great things about this fandom is the diversity. The ability to take characters we love and throw them into different situations, environments or a different time altogether and let a whole new story unfold. However, if all the authors receive are flames, then they’re not gonna post – unless they’re of the masochistic sect, in which case they should say so on their author’s page cuz I have a nasty review I’ve been savin’ for a special occasion – and if authors stop posting, we have nothing to read and we might actually have to return to reading paperbacks. *shockgaspmoreshock*

To the author’s of these fab dark fics: Get your freak on, chicas! Woot! Do your fic your way, but be prepared. Just know that while the majority of your readers who come back dig your story, there are gonna be some haters. Not everyone has the Thumper policy and, no matter what your mama told ya, not all of your shit smells like a pina colada on a warm, sunny beach. Thicken your skin, and focus on the ones that offer honest to goodness critique and happy face emoticons and ignore the rest. I know it’s easier said than done, but still, do it.

By the way, this post is in no way a call for a “fandom love day”. *insert most gianormous eye roll evar right here* This is a request for maturity when reading mature fics.

*rant over*

And I’m spent. I coulda went on for a loooooooong while, but y’all get the point.

We don’t write fanfic for the money, people. It’s fun and fab! Let’s keep it that way!


Hmm...sounds like some pretty good advice. I wish you woulda been around when I was writing Innocence Lost! Just sayn'!

Thanks so much for stopping by and you're welcome back any ole' time!

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  1. What she said!!!

    Great job being a 'Naughty Girl', givemesomevamp!! I loved your 'rant'!! It's so easy to let those darn reviewers sway you when you're writing a fic. I've decided to write my fics BEFORE posting them after I'm done with my current one. I've actually changed my story according to reviews, and then kicked myself for it!!! Ugh! Learned my lesson, tho... my policy now is: Read it, or don't!

    Thanks for the 'eye-candy', too! Yum!!! ;o)

    Charli ox