Saturday, January 8, 2011

TwiCarol Brings You Some Light In The Dark

Interview with the Vampwhore by SnowWhiteHeart

Summary - Bella Swan's best friends are determined to get her laid - poor girl needs to loosen up. Vampire Edward Cullen has been a *very* bad boy, and is now paying the price. Warning: very silly. M for so many reasons.

The wonderfully talented SnowWhiteHeart has another story out which has had me giggling & I love it to bits. Edward works at The Pointed Aro, but not by choice. He is serving out his sentence due to a "minor infraction" and there's no prizes for guessing who his boss is. I love this Bella to bits and, imho, this is quite possibly the very best version of Jessica Stanley that I have ever encountered. Once again, like everything else that SnowWhiteHeart writes, it's an original & hilarious story that is guaranteed to keep you entertained. Just take a look at how it starts...

I cranked it up to 100 TMP—thrusts per minute.

The self-proclaimed cougar below me was thinking about wanting me to go faster, so I did. Anything for a client, I thought glumly, and proceeded to bang the living daylights out of this woman. She grabbed her tits, trying to look sexy, and I was actually thankful. Not because it looked hot, but because they were flopping to either side and just hanging over her ribs. It was gross. Then again, most of my clients had ridiculous silicone buoys on their chest so I was slightly glad for the variety of it. She shuddered beneath me for the fifth time, and I decided that had to be enough. My employer would hopefully agree - Aro did understand that I was a man, and not a machine, after all.

Well, sort of a man. Sort of a vampire. Sort of a whore.

F*cking fantastic! 'Scuse the pun. I love this story & I'm sure you will too. Run, don't walk, go check it out now!

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