Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs

I found the most adorable oneshot this week and I had to share it. Now, don't panic, it's not dark, dominant or twisted, but there is a lemon and a great build-up to that lemon.

Summary - Bella is a 27-year-old virgin who has had trouble finding Mr. Right so out of desperation she turns to the Internet, whom will she find and will he be what she was looking for.

This was such a cute portrayal of Edward and Bella. They're both so unsure of what the next step is in their new relationship. Will the virginal Bella find success on the Internet and will Edward turn out to be more compatible than she initially thought?  Looking for some fluff this morning? I've found the perfect fic for you!

A Meeting of Minds by DoUTrustMe

Summary - ONE SHOT. Bella Swan wanted nothing more than to be invisible after a life of being treated like a misfit for hearing voices in her head. Meeting a bronze-haired boy changed all that. B&E. AU.

A while ago, I rec'd a fic by DoUTrustMe called Died and Gone to Heaven, which was one of the very best fics I read last year. If you haven't read it yet, you are seriously missing out. Anyway, since she's such a extremely talented author, I've decided that I want to read all her stuff. This superb o/s was her first venture into FF & it is truly spectacular. Bella and Edward are both mind-readers & after a lifetime of feeling isolated, find out that they are not alone. I honestly feel that this is the best o/s I've ever read. So well-written & enthralling & touching. So if you feel like reading something intelligent & moving this Sunday, read this... it's so completely worth it. Enjoy!

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