Saturday, February 19, 2011

Naughty Moments

When I read this last week, it totally did it for me, so as soon as Steph mentioned the new segment I thought of this...

From chapter 17 (actual chapter 15) of Friday's at Noon by troublefollows1017.

I tried to play coy. "I wouldn't have had sex with you that night. I didn't really know you, and what I did know I didn't like very much."

Edward was back behind me. He pulled my panties down and had me step out of them. Now, of course, I would have sex with him whenever and wherever he wanted. Now, I could not stop myself. The music was sending vibrations through the glass, through my hand, through my whole body.

"Probably not, which would have driven me completely insane." He pushed my legs apart with his knee. "You make me feel so many things, things I don't even have a name for."

He pulled me down on him as he pushed up inside me from behind. One of his hands held me, while the other pressed on the glass next to mine.

"Ahh," I groaned. He knew how to work my body. He knew how to make me want him more than anything else in the world. Back and forth he rocked against me.

"I could fuck you every day of forever, and it would never be enough. It will never be enough. I need you so fucking much." He placed his hand over mine and slipped his fingers in between mine. "I have never wanted someone as much as I want you. All the time. Every minute of every day. It's always you. It will always be you," he declared passionately.

Love, obsession, lust, desire. He was feeling all of those things. He was feeling those things about me. I couldn't deny that I was feeling them as well. These feelings were overwhelming, especially in this moment. I watched the people below gyrating, grinding, rubbing against one another. Arms were in the air, some were wrapped around the neck of their partner. Hips thrusting, swinging, rolling. Hands on bodies, lips on lips. Desire, lust, obsession, love.

I screamed out as the wave of pleasure hit me. Smacking the glass with my palm, I worried I might break it or at least call some attention to us up here. The music was so loud that no one heard me. The glass was too thick to crack under my hand. It was only Edward who responded to my release. He groaned as he came and cussed about it being too quick.

"I have no fucking control when it comes to you. It's the story of my life now. No fucking control," he complained. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck and shoulder.

GAH! So much hotness I can barely contain myself! If you haven't started reading this fic yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Picture this when you're reading it...

And yes, I did make his eyes green. ;)

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