Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs

Have I ever mentioned  how easy makes it for me to find a oneshot?  All I do is search for oneshots and I find one I haven't read!  It's sweet!


Summary - Bella's father is sick with no hope of surviving. Bella is desperate for a miracle. When a strange girl tells her of a man who might be able to help her father she goes searching for him. Three weeks are the terms of her service in exchange for his help.

This story took third place in the public voting round of the Twisted Twilight Tales Contest and Leading Lady in the judges pick (I'm assuming that's 1st place, but I just ripped it off the summary). In any case, I see why it received such accolades.

It's a wonderfully developed story that touched me on so many levels. Bella needs Edward's help in saving her father from a life threatening illness. Edward is a recluse who has cut himself off from society, but he can't seem to turn her away. Can Bella be the one who ends up saving Edward?  This is a massive oneshot. It clocked in at over 18k, but it's worth every second of your time.

The author has also stated that she may even consider extending it a few chapters. I hope she does. She's created a spark in the chemistry between E/B and I'd like to see that continued.

~ Warning for language ~


 Happy Birthday to You by luvrofink

Summary: Edward would give anything to his wife, including his best friend. Poly-scene with Slash. OOC AH One shot. JPOV
AN: This O/s was originally going to be my entry for the Dirty Talking Jasper contest. After I was told that I couldn't use the word cunt (which is not stated in the rules) I've decided to not censor my original story and bow out of the contest. I've decided to post this as a thank you for all the amazing support and reviews I've been getting. My readers have been so amazing and so supportive of each and every story I've put out there. Thank you for every review, every blog visit, every tweet, and every PM. Most of all, thank you for your open-mindedness and your continued show of support as I delve deeper into the pervy corners of my mind.

I stumbled across this O/s earlier in the week, and was stunned that it was NOT accepted as a contest entry. *Insert Tazzy's confused look*, it's a dirty Talking Jasper contest, right?

Anywho, enough about that, I want to tell you about this amazing one shot! So, go grab a sham wow or three and I will file my nails for a few well I wait for you.

Edward very much loves his wife and wants to give her anything she wants for her birthday, and their best friend Jasper is what she wants. *licks lips, me too*

Here is a teaser:
Bella's beautiful pussy was hairless, all pale skin and pink lips. I wanted to bury my face between her thighs and never come up for air.

"I want that, I want that in my mouth," I groaned as I stared at the sweet spot between her shapely thighs.

"You'll have it, baby. I can't wait to watch you eat her cunt," Edward whispered against my skin.

Before I could speak or act, Edward's hand was in my pants, tugging my cock out of my unzipped fly. He muttered curses and how hot it was that I was going commando as he pumped me slow and tight. His fist wrapped around my shaft, squeezing the tip before sliding back down.

"Such a pretty cock," Bella cooed as the dress finally fell at her feet.

She wasted no time in walking towards us before falling to her knees between my spread legs. As she leaned forward I thought Edward would let go of my cock, but he didn't. He kept pumping me as Bella leaned forward, her curls spilling into my lap as she sucked the head of my dick into her mouth.

"Oh, my motherfucking Christ!" I cursed as her warm wet mouth sucked harshly on my leaking tip.

*Hot damn!!*

"Oh, no, baby. This is your birthday present after all. Come over here and sit on my face. I do recall telling you I wanted that pretty cunt in my mouth," I chuckled darkly.

Edward quickly moved off of me as Bella crawled closer. She expertly straddled my face and I admired her soft wet flesh before gripping her hips and lowering her to my mouth. I felt the bed move and Edward's legs brush against my own as he came up behind his wife. I watched his hands reach around her body, tugging at her nipples as I assaulted her with my mouth. Her taste was slightly tangy with the sweetness of her skin mixed in. I used my tongue to flick her needy swollen clit before probing her entrance roughly. My hands moved to her ass and I could feel Edward's half-hardened cock against her body. I kneaded her cheeks as she ground down on my face. Edward's hips rubbed against Bella's ass she began to ride my tongue, fucking my face with slow shifts of her hips.

"Oh, Jas! Yes, so good. Mmm, Edward, harder!" Bella moaned loudly.

*Call 911, I need oxygen!!!*
Need I say more, besides run and read!!!


Summary - A virus is spreading across the human race, and Vampires no longer have an endless supply of blood. Edward Masen has a thirst like never before, that is until he sees a lonely woman crying and in need of refuge. AU Vamp *1st Place-Darkward in the Dark* OS

I found this o/s featuring a really dark Edward & thought you all might fancy a bit of Darkward this Sunday. Very well-written & well thought out, I can honestly say that I haven't read anything like this before. Original storyline & completely intriguing, I honestly don't want to give anything away. Just know that it's amazing & I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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