Friday, March 11, 2011

Afraid of the Dark Contest

When the Muses approached the Naughty Girls and asked us if we wanted to co-host a contest with them, we jumped right in and we're so glad we did! It's one hell of a contest!

Jasper’s Naughty Girls and Twi-Muses proudly presents...

Afraid Of The Dark One Shot Contest

Jasper’s Naughty Girls and Twi-Muses are teaming up to bring you the mother of all dark contests. Anything goes, no limitations. Give us your best dark! All pairings, slash welcome. Vamp, all human, werewolf, you name it and we’ll take it.

Dark is such a broad spectrum within Twilight Fanfiction, as are the degrees of dark. In much of the dark, naughty can also takes place.

Darksper blends into the shadows of a dark alley, he waits for his next meal in anticipation of the playtime that is surely to come.

A human Edward reminiscing over the bloody wild ride he took authorities on as he waits for trial. Perhaps it was Charlie that chased the serial killer known as Edward Mason.

The possibilities are endless. So show us what your dark little mind is capable of.

We have sixty prompts for you, take a prompt, write a story based off the picture prompt that you have chosen. As people choose the prompts we will take them down. So we get a wide variety of stories.

Word Count: 2,500- no max

Submissions: April 1st- May 15th Voting: May 17th- May 23rd Winners Announced: June 1st


•Must involve Twilight characters (we don’t care which ones)

•Your entry must be an new OS written for this contest, it can be a out-take, but it must stand alone.

•You must not continue your OS until winners have been announced, that includes a vote for me chapter.

•Your story must be beta’d, it will be screened for entry

•Your story MUST have the appropriate warnings.

•Collab’s are accepted.

•Enter as many times as you want.

•Can only be posted on until after the contest is done and winners have been announced.

•You must be 18+ to enter.

•You may promote the contest, but you may NOT promote an individual story. This is means for instant disqualification of the story. (Acceptable Tweet Example: I wrote for Afraid Of The Dark Contest, check out all the entries; Not-Acceptable Tweet Example: Go vote for my fic)

•Also, no stories in this contest may be rec’d on any blog until AFTER the winners have been announced.

Use the following header please

Pen-name:Summary:Rating:Beta:Warnings:Disclaimer:Prompt Number Used:

We reserve the right to refuse any fic based on the above rules.

If you have any questions you can email us at

After you upload your story on, email us a link so we can add your story.

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