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Lemon Drizzles

Welcome to Jasper's Naughty Girls Lemon Drizzle!

Welcome to week 27!

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A Vampire Always Knows His Mate by mama4dukes

Pairing: Bella and ?

“Edward, fuck off!” I yelled. I was sick of him—so sick and tired of him always rejecting me.

“Bella, I could hurt you—you're still human. Not to mention the fact that it isn't proper. We're unmarried and, quite frankly, your behavior is unladylike. I don't know what's gotten into you lately!”

“You know something, Edward? I've had it. We're through! I don't want anything to do with you. In fact, here!” I flung his fugly engagement ring at him.

“Love, you're being ridiculous.” Edward chuckled, handing the ring back to me.

“I don't want it. My patience with you is long past expired. It's not just about the sex either. I don't love you, you're a controlling, manipulative archaic geezer stuck in the body of a seventeen year old. You'll never change.”

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose before speaking. “I'm going hunting with my family now. That should give you enough time to calm down, Bella. Clearly you're not in your right mind and I refuse to deal with you when you're acting like this. By the way, I forgive you for your shameful behavior.”

“I'll be long gone by the time you return, fucker!” I shouted.

“Language, Bella.” Edward chastised as he left the house.

I wasn't lying when I told him that I was through with him. I couldn't stand his pompous, self-righteous ass. I grabbed a duffel bag and packed the few belongings that I kept in his room. I didn't plan on ever returning to this nuthouse. Edward was too overprotective and Alice was just a manipulative, hyperactive, fake bitch. The rest of the Cullens were okay, but I couldn't see myself playing the part of a docile wife and daughter for the rest of my existence if I were ever to be changed. That didn't seem likely, anyway. Edward clearly wanted to keep me human.

I decided to use the bathroom before leaving. As I washed my hands and looked in the mirror, the reflection of the luxurious, walk-in, spa shower with the eight jets beckoned me to come inside. The Cullens wouldn't be back for a few hours yet so I decided, why not—I'd probably never be anywhere near another shower like this in my life.

I stripped my clothes off and hopped inside. Ahh! This was paradise. The water coursed through the jets and massaged my tense muscles. I closed my eyes and relished in the feeling. A moment later, I felt strong arms wrap themselves around my body. Edward was back, maybe he's ready to turn a new leaf?

I kept my eyes shut as tender lips kissed me from my ass all the way up my spine. I felt warm tingles each time his lips hit my skin. This was new.

He embraced me tightly from behind. He actually felt a little warm to me, perhaps the hot water from the shower heated his body up. I felt his erection jutted up against my ass—it was huge and rock hard. He stroked my clit with his right hand and used his left to caress my breasts. My palms were pressed flat against the crystal clear, glass shower wall and I was quickly succumbing to his touches.

“Cum, Bella!” My lover commanded. I immediately did as he asked. I felt two fingers enter my pussy. I gasped at the sensation of fullness.

“So wet.” He whispered as he turned my body around to face him. I opened my eyes to see Jasper licking my juices off of his fingers.

I don't know what came over me. I should have felt violated. I should have been mortified that Alice's husband had just given me a mind-blowing orgasm in the shower, but I didn't. Instead, I got down on my knees and wrapped my lips around his cock. I slid his member slowly in and out over my tongue. I licked up and down his length before popping it back into my mouth, taking him in as deep as I could. I repeated my motions over and over again. I could hear Jasper moaning and then, suddenly, I felt the veins on his cock pulsating and his seed shoot straight into the back of my throat. I looked up into his eyes as I swallowed everything he gave me, licking my lips, so he'd know that I enjoyed it.

Jasper pulled me back up and kissed me tenderly on the lips. He turned the shower off, picked me up, and toweled me off. I dressed myself while he did the same. Wordlessly, he grabbed my packed duffle bag and took my hand in his. He buckled me into the passenger side of his truck and threw my bag in the bed. I noticed that the bed of his truck was packed with his belongings.

As he drove away from the Cullen house, I asked him, “Where are we going?”

“Texas.” He stated, simply.

“Why Texas?” I asked.

“It's where our home is, my mate.”

“Mate?” I questioned, shocked.

“Mate.” He confirmed.

“But Alice said Edwa...”

Jasper interrupted me. “The bitch lied, but a vampire always knows his mate. I'm taking you home and making you mine. I don't want any arguments, Bella. You're mine, you've always been mine, and you'll always be mine.”

Somehow, I believed him. I was completely excited about what was in store for us. I decided to ask him a question. “If I'm yours, will you be changing me?”

“Why the fuck do you think we're driving to Texas? I'm not a pussy like Edward. I'm a selfish motherfucker and I intend to fuck you senseless, then change you.”

My arousal pooled in my panties at his words. “Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Drive faster!” I ordered.

“Yes, ma'am.” Jasper smirked, as he gunned it all the way towards our new life together.


The Benefits of Being Late

Banished to the sub bedroom. 

He wouldn’t even look at me when I arrived at his home. He quietly, but firmly told me to head upstairs.

I was four minutes late, but trying to explain to him that there was an accident on the main road and I got detoured would have been useless. He wasn’t looking for an excuse and I was smart enough to know that particular moment wasn’t the time to plead my case.

I knew from experience that if I was sent up here before our scheduled playtime, I was being punished. I didn’t expect to see him this evening. So, instead of stressing too much over what Jasper, my Master, had planned for me next, I decided to take a hot, relaxing shower. I knew as soon as I turned onto that road and the cars were backed up a mile long, I was going to be late. It was raining and I had already left the house later than I was supposed to, but none of that mattered. I was told to be here at a designated time and I had disappointed him. That was the worst part; not that I was being punished. I was tough enough to handle that and I wanted to submit to him. What bothered me most was I’d let him down.  And, all because of four freakin’ minutes.

I slowly stripped, neatly folded my clothes and placed them in the corner of the room. My Master required everything to be in order and I didn’t need to infuriate him any further. I slid open the glass doors, stepped inside the amazingly powerful jets and eased my way under the spray. All of my work week stress seemed to evaporate whenever I entered his house. It was relinquishing control, the pride I took in submitting to him and my constant desire to please him that kept me coming back. But, there was something else I craved more than anything else. It was being close to a man like Jasper Whitlock. He was strong, powerful and passionate. He made me see myself more clearly than I ever had before and, right or wrong, I loved him. 

Loved him? That was a whole other issue and one I really couldn’t deal with now.

My whole body tensed when I heard the glass doors open and close, but he didn’t shut them all the way, or at least I didn’t hear them slide shut.

“Don’t turn around,” he whispered in that deadly calm, commanding voice. “You haven’t earned the right to look at me.”

I didn’t care if I could turn around or not. He was here and that was all that mattered.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled my back against his chest. I could feel his massive hard-on rubbing against my ass cheek.

“You know you’re a dirty girl.” He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. “That’s why you’re in the shower. Trying to wash away your filth?”

I didn’t answer. When he was in this mode, all questions were rhetorical.

He quickly turned me and pressed me against the doors and I noticed out of the corner of my eye they were left slightly ajar on either side. Everything he did was calculated and he was too meticulous to have left them opened; not to mention the fact that the floor was getting wet as some of the water flowed out. My hands were pinned between the steamy glass and my breasts, leaving me little wiggle room.

“Not only have you not earned the right to not look at me,” he growled in my ear. “But, you don’t get the privilege of my hands on you either.”

He moved his hands to the outside of the glass and pressed them up against the image of my breasts and over-eager sex. Through the steam, I could vaguely make out our bodies in the mirror that hung over the sink.

I jumped when he ran his lips along my neck. The whole scene was strangely erotic.

“Get up on your toes,” he whispered. Once I did as he asked, I arched my backside against him and in one swift, skilled move he was deep inside me. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass.

I wanted to scream out in ecstasy, because the sensation of him filling me completely was the most fulfilling feeling of my life. But, experience told me if I vocalized without permission, he’d stop this scene and I’d be left empty.  I was already lucky he was even in the shower with me after showing up here late.

“Isabella,” he whispered as he moved in and out of me. “You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of fuckin.”

I bit my lip to stifle a moan and hold off on an orgasm.

“I should be fucking you with my fingers, too, but you were such a bad little girl.” His thrusts were becoming harder and I knew he was trying to bring himself to a fast release. “I refuse to touch you. You need to crave it.”

I let out a labored breath, but manage to stay quiet.

“The fact that you’re even getting my cock tonight is a reward in itself for you.” He bit and sucked on my neck. “But, I decided I shouldn’t be punished for your defiance.”

As my fingers slipped down the wet glass, my legs began to buckle underneath me. He must have sensed my exhaustion because he used his upper body to hold me in place as he relentlessly pounded into me.

“I’m almost there,” he moaned. “And, then later, you’re mouth will be really busy and then I’ll let you ride my cock.”


“Fuck!” He stilled his movements and then I felt him shake against me as he released fast inside me. He slowly pulled out. “No release tonight. Your actions have consequences.”

I tried to catch my breath as I panted and steadied my legs. He moved his hands from the outside of the glass and slipped them around my body, turning me to face him. He stared into my eyes for a few moments and then gently kissed my lips.

“I hate to punish you,” he whispered. 

I nodded.

“Clean up the water on the floor and then join me in my bedroom.”

“Yes, Master,” I responded.

“You have a lot of work to do this weekend, my beautiful Isabella.”

He stepped out of the shower and quickly exited the bathroom. I took a deep breath and then smiled to myself. If riding that man’s cock was considered work, I’d gladly oblige.


An Unexpected Visitor by Lady Tazz
Beta: sellaluna101
Pairing Emmett/Bella

I was running late, due to the damn traffic. Emmett was coming over tonight.I had no idea; what we were going to do. The last I checked Alice would be home because Jasper was out of town.

I finally made it home, I walked into the apartment and placed my bag and keys on the kitchen counter and noticed a note.

I'm staying over at Rose's tonight. Enjoy, some time alone with Em. I noticed you have been uptight lately and thought you could use some, if you know what I mean.

Love, A

I let a small laugh. Emmett and I had not been together long, but Alice was just happy that I let someone get close to me. Being in a relationship still scared the crap out of me. I was so afraid I was going to get hurt, and I knew I wouldn't survive it. I wish I could just let go of my past and just consentrate on the here and now. I guess some wounds just run too deep. Emmett was so patient, he never pushed me more then he knew I could handle.

I made my way to my bedroom and grabbed some clothes out of my closet and searched for my black lace bra with matching thong. I giggled to myself hoping I wouldn't be wearing them long.

I walked to my bathroom and turned on the shower, stripped and stepped in. The hot water immediately made me feel better. It had been a long week with school and work. I closed my eyes and let the water hit my body; my thoughts went to Emmett and how I had not seen him in days. I missed him so much.

Then I remembered my session with my shrink yesterday and her words echoed in my ear; she was less than happy about my relationship with Emmett. She hadn't came right out and said so, but it was hidden in her words. “Bella, you are the only one who can make you happy. You shouldn't look to others for inner happiness. You should find it within yourself.” I just shook my head trying to clear it. I swear that woman loves to confuse the hell out of me with her damn bumper sticker talk.

All of a sudden the shower door opened and I let out a scream and tried to cover myself.

Jesus, Bella.”

In front of me stood Emmett, in all of his naked glory, sporting a very hard cock.

You scared the hell out of me,” I yelled.

Oh baby, don't be mad, I have a key remember. Can I join you?”

Yes,” I moaned, as I felt his hands graze my breast.

He stepped in and shut the door. Before I could think my body and face were pinned up against the glass door.

I'm going to make you come all over my fingers, baby. Your pussy belongs to me, and only me,” he moaned in my ear, as his fingers pumped in and out of me and as he rubbed my clit with his thunb.

I leaned my head up against his chest as his mouth attacked my neck. All I could do was moan in the pleasure that my body was feeling.

I want you to come for me, Bella. Now.”

I came undone as my orgasm rocked through my body. Emmett held me tight as I rode out each and every wave of ecstasy.

Bella. I need you,” he moaned, as he spun me around and wrapped my legs around his waist. He slid his cock in and out of me. I moaned his name as he continued to fuck me hard.

Bella, I love the way your pussy feels around my cock.”

Fuck, Emmett.”

Within seconds we both found our releases.

Let me wash you,” he said as he grabbed my soap and sponge.

He slid the sponge all over my sensitive body and then he carefully washed and rinsed my hair.

You're so sexy.” he whispered as he kissed me. “Let's get dried off, and get something to eat. You will need all the strength you can get for what I have planned for tonight,” he said with a sexy smirk.

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