Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cullen818 Recs Loving Your Memory


Summary-It was a mistake, it wasn't suppose to happen like this. Not with him. But it did, and now Bella's left trying to clean up the pieces, and move on. If only it were that easy.

What happens when the man of your dreams, your husband, the father of your unborn child fathers a baby with another woman? Would you forgive him for the sake of your family?

This is the dilemma eight month pregnant Bella faces. Her husband Jasper has been carrying on an affair with Alice and she ends up pregnant, too. Now Jasper is faced with the reality of having two families. Which one will he chose? Can Bella allow him back into her life again and risk all of the hurt he caused her to come pouring back in?

I'm reading this one on and it's about five chapters in. The chapters are well-developed but short and to the point, so it makes for an light read. The story starts out with Jasper confessing his indiscretion to his wife and then chapter two takes us six years into the future. The reader learns how the two decided to deal with him getting another woman pregnant. It's a hard circumstance for all involved and one that leaves Bella feeling alone and bitter.

I'm anxious to see if they can heal and move on from this. Hopefully, forgiveness is in their future.

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  1. Congrats on the rec, Frankielynn! You've got a great story developing here! I hope everyone drops in to give it a read! *XOXO*