Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs Someday by duskri123

Today, I'm overjoyed to tell you about a story that consumed me for two days. It's been awhile since I have been completely swept away by a fic. I now wait with baited breath for an update.

They see me as the monster, like I deserve the pity. They're deluded. Thousands of scars show my past but at least I know who I am. They lie and hide while I sit back and watch. Everyone has secrets; someday they'll know them all. BxJ.Rated M.NoUnder18.OOC


They say knowledge is power.

Secrets...everyone has them. It's what makes us human, we fail and then cover our failure up with lies.
When your immortal and you live for an eternity the secrets are bigger and more compound.

Jasper - He was always thought of as the Cullen covens weakest link. He is quiet and he thinks thing through before he acts. Maybe he is just an observer that sits back at gathered information, the secret keeper if you will.

Are the Cullens the perfect family they appear to be? What goes on behind closed doors? Can anyone human or immortal be that perfect?

Bella - a mere human that is thrust into the life of immorality. She has secrets also. Secrets she would give her human life to protect. Choices were made for her, but she has to deal with the outcome of those choices.

Edward - Alice - Rose - Emmett - Carlisle - Esme...they all have secrets.
The Cullen coven was built one secret at a card at a time...carefully placed on top of another.

When betrayal, blackmail, and manipulation all are uncovered; when true mates find each other; when secrets are exposed, will the Cullen covens perfectly placed house of cards come tumbling down?
If so who will be left standing?

This story is explosive, just as you think you may have all the answers, she throws you a curve ball that keeps you wanting more.

So my advice is RUN don't walk and go read this spin tingling story that will keep you on your toes.


  1. Thank you so much for the rec, hun. It always means a ton to me to see that the story is enjoyed enough by my readers to make them want to share it with others. I know it's incrediably hard with Someday to rec it without giving 'too' much away but you even made me want to go re-read again! LMAO. So yes, thank you, very, very much for this!

  2. You are very welcome, it's been awhile since a fic mesmerized as this one did, I truly cant wait for an update.

  3. hmmm Always on the lookout for a B/J story thanks Ladies.