Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tie Me Up and Tease Me Thursday

I apologize for the late post. It was totally my fault!  *whispers*...I forgot to check the teaser form! Shh...

Chapter 119

"You,” he whispered in my ear, his lovely accent helping settle my nerves instantly, “are worrying over things that are, in the end, utterly unimportant to me.”

I frowned deeply as I studied my reflection. “You can see it though. You can see every flaw.” When he questioned ‘can I?’ in a rather surprised voice, I huffed. “Carlisle, you know what I mean. You can see—”

He tossed away my brush and ignored my squeak of indignation. “Vuoi sapere che vedo? Do you really wish to know what I see?” It was obviously a rhetorical question and one that he was not going to give me a chance to answer. “I see a stunning creature who once straddled my lap in my office and looked me straight in the eye and informed me that all because I was a vampire and she a human that she did not feel inadequate. I see a generally strong and confident young woman who has simply succumbed to a moment of doubt about what she views is her human shortcomings. I see no such shortcomings.” He lowered his head and pressed a kiss to the back of my neck before resting his chin on my bare should. “I do, however, see the most inviting coffee-brown eyes that warmed with compassion and devotion when their owner reassured me for weeks and weeks that I was not damned and that I was worthy of love. I see the most adorable little nose that wrinkles when the aforementioned young woman is exposed to something that does not necessarily take her fancy. I see the softest lips that never fail to pledge me to me their undying love and affection. I see the most glorious mane of chocolate waves that I could spend eternity contentedly stroking and combing with my own fingers.” He brought lips mouth close to my ear. “Dovrei proseguiranno? Shall I go own, mia cocca?”


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