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Lemon Drizzles

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Welcome to Week 29!

This weeks Pic Prompt:

This weeks Lemon Drizzle submissions:

Title: Dance of the Dead
Author: Madam Akyria
Pairing: Alice/Jasper

I woke up to this existence alone, I don’t remember my human existence,
perhaps that is for the best, forgotten things shall remain lost.

Like some of my kind I have a special gift. I often see visions - flashes if
you will - of the future. I think that was a gift, a way to save my
sanity. I would have become a monster of the grisliest kind without
them, for in them I had hope. In them I was no longer alone. I had a
family, I had a mate, whom loves me and would take care for me for all
eternity. I was one of the lucky ones you could say.

This family is different than others of my kind. We lived differently; it is
a choice each of us had made. We chose not to be monsters, for Carlisle
had shone us another way. He showed us a way that we could live among
humanity, and help them at the same time when the opportunity presented

I was in the White Mountains during an especially a cold wet winter in
1923. I was hunting elk when my vision blurred and the world around me
fell away. I saw a diner on a sunny day and there was a beautiful
scarred God at my side. This man evoked such powerful feelings within
me. There was love and desire. Yet there was more than that as I looked
at him I knew that he would protect me for the rest of my days.

It would be another fifteen years before I finally sat at that diner, day
after day waiting for him. I knew his name already, Jasper… Major Jasper
Whitlock, the scars that littered his body was from the Southern
Vampire Wars; I knew this from my most recent vision that I had
witnessed last night as I sat in my hotel room.

The door opened, the bell on the handle went off and there he was.

A beam of sunlight coming through the window, the beautiful scarred God
was in front of me, with honey hair and black eyes. The emotion I had
for him flowed out of me. I took his hand because I knew he was meant
for me and only me for the rest of eternity.

I turned up my head and smiled up at him. He ducked his head like a good
southern gentleman, and apologized for making me wait. There was more to
his apology though. There was a motel just down the street. It wasn’t a
very long walk, the sun ducked under the clouds, giving us a reprieve
from the sun. It would not last long, but I knew that we’d make it back
to my hotel room before the sun cascaded Philadelphia in light once

“Alice? Was it?”

I nodded, “I think so, that feels right.”

“You don’t remember?” he asked me.

“No, I have no memories of my human life.” I said.

“I’ll make you forget everything, little lady.” As he said these words to me, my body shivered in anticipation.

Before I knew what happened I was flat on my back on the bed, completely nude.
I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as I heard him strip off his

His hand gently touched my knee, slowing moving up my thigh. He gasped my
inner thigh firmly as he kissed me gently. His free hand slid around my
waist as he lifted me slightly off the bed. I took a shallow breath as
his hand eased my legs apart.

I heard him groan as he slid one of his long fingers in me. His mouth
descended upon my left nipple. I felt him add another finger, sliding
them in and out with increased speed.

So sweet and gentle I did not expect that(rework this part) with the scars
that riddled his body. I half expected him to just claim me against the
wall hard and fast.

His mouth met mine in fervor. He dominated all of my senses. Lust so
strong, entering my skin, driving me into a frenzy of wanton need. It
felt so wrong, yet it felt so right. I moved into his hand, I needed

“Jasper… please.” I whimpered.

He pulled out his fingers with a pop, then licked them. He grasped my hips
and his cock slid into me. My head tilted back, my fingers going
through the mattress. “Oh my God.”

He let go of my hips and grabbed my arms, holding them down tightly.

Oh there’s the dominance I knew that was contained within.

I tightened my legs around him as he pumped into me harder with each passing moment. The bed was slammed against the wall.

“Harder!” I begged.

The bed cracked as he slid into me harder. My back arched off the bed.

“Started without me, Darlin’?”

The hotel room melts away; I am back in my room in Forks, laid out on the bed naked, my fingers deep in my pussy.

I looked at him, a little shocked; I had no idea he was in the room with me.

“Didn’t expect you to get back so early, thought you were hunting with Edward?”
I asked. “Uoo” Escaped my lips, but I did not still my hand.

“Well, he was missing his human. What were you thinking about? Something naughty, Alice?”

“I was remembering our first time actually.” I said, a little embarrassed that I got caught within memories of the past.

“Would you like an encore performance?” he asked with a grin on his face. I
smiled back at him. I never could get enough of this man and I missed
him so terribly while he was gone.
Next weeks Pic Prompt:

What is a lemon drizzle and how does it work? 
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  1. Great little drizzle. Thanks for pushing the pairing envelope! Hope to see you back here soon:)

  2. Nice! Always love some Jalice lovin'!! Hot and sweet... just like Jasper! ;o)

    ox Charli