Saturday, April 2, 2011

TwiCarol Brings You Some Light In The Dark

Don't Judge a Bella by Her Cover by jtmd24

Summary - Edward meets sweet, innocent Bella at a strip club one night. Or so he thinks. He may have just met his match. Rated M for language & lemons. All human.
I found this fic last week & read it over a couple of days - it would have taken less time, but stupid RL insists on intruding. So damn inconsiderate! Anyway, this fic is complete & is quite a quick read at 15 chapters. Bella goes to the strip club to meet up with her brother Jasper after his bachelor party, only he's nowhere to be found so she decides to stay for a drink. Turns out our Bella is not quite the innocent little good girl that everyone assumes she is. She has a naughty side that is a sight to behold, just ask Edward. They share an instant connection in the strip club & the evening ends with Bella taking part in a lap dance contest. I won't tell you who she ends up giving the lap dance to, since it might not be who you think it is & guessing who she decides on is part of the fun of the story. Bella has some personal issues thanks to a disastrous relationship with Jacob, and Edward unwittingly plays on some of her insecurities. When he discovers what he has unintentionally done, he goes about making it right in a wonderful way that left a huge smile on my face. BTW, the Emmett in this fic - completely fuckawesome! Love him to bits! There's even an outtake called Drunkmett to read after you're done with the main story. Don't forget to read it... you can find it HERE. Here's a couple of snippets from chapter 1 to give you a little taste...

Fuck. Fucking fuck.

I swore for the ten thousandth time as I pulled my car into a parking space at Tiffany's strip club. Yes, strip club. I was going to a strip club by myself. Was that dirty? Immoral? Eh, what the fuck did I care? I wasn't coming here because I was into chicks per say, I was meeting my soon-to-be-married older brother along with a bunch of his groomsmen. So that made it less lesbian-ish right?


Alright, back to more important things at hand. I reached to get my cell phone out of the black clutch my friend Rosalie had packed for me when I stopped at her house to change after the rehearsal dinner. She said she put only things in here I'd need in an emergency since the bag was so small. Cell phone, lip gloss, emergency money and five condoms.

I laughed when I saw those. Really Rose? Did you think I would have some kind of sex emergency at a strip club? And not just one, but five of them? Highly unlikely.

She had been pestering me non stop lately about how I was going to turn back into a virgin if I didn't give up soon. She was driving me insane. It's not like I could just walk up to a stranger and be like, "Um, excuse me. I haven't had a penis in me in two years and I'm pretty sure my vag is going to close up. Could you possibly assist me?"


Original & funny, I thoroughly enjoyed it & I sincerely hope you do to. Enjoy!

Oooh, before I go... Robward + Headboard = *DED*  And what a way to go! That.Is.All.

No, it's not all... if there is still ANYONE out there that is not reading Fridays at Noon by the immensely talented troublefollows1017, then you are SERIOUSLY missing out & need your head read. They have doctors for that. You just HAVE to read it... it is one of the best fics I've ever read. Truth. Okay, that's it for now.

No, it's not. HA! I'm still here! I just wanted to share the fact that since I live in South Africa, I get to see HHH in WFE on April 15th. YAY ME! I hardly ever get to see movies before the US & I'm SO effing excited for this movie! Robowski FTMFW!

Okay, seriously, now I'm going. 'Til next time. Bye!

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