Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday's Oneshot Wonder Recs

I'm in a slashy mood today, so I'm bringing you some Jasper/Edward lovin'. My fave kind of slash love.


Just a sweet, little o/s written in drabble. Its a story of discovery and exploration. Its not graphic, but it doesn't have to be. Jasper's such a cutie in this one and Edward is totally kissable. Enjoy! It made me smile.

The Proposal by Shadowed by Passion

My O/S for Southern Fan Fic Review- Edward has a thing for his new assistant, what will happen?
 Here is a peek: 

I took in her sight. She was laying there, skirt hiked up, legs spread for me.
I stalked my way back to her. She was like a beautiful buffet, set out just for me.
"I have wanted you since I first set my sights on you. You are beautiful, Bella."
She moaned as her fingers traveled down her body. Sliding her panties to the side, she started to rub her clit.
I dropped to my knees and watched her fingers slide between her folds. "Edward," she moaned.
I took that as my queue, pulling her fingers to my mouth, where I placed each one between my lips and licked her juices off. She tasted wonderful.
I let her fingers fall from my mouth and placed my hands on her legs, spreading them for my pleasure. I stared at her, open before me.
I placed my mouth on her thigh and I let my lips and tongue travel up her leg towards her center. Softly, I licked over her clit and slid a finger into her center. Bella moaned above me and let her hips slide closer to me.
I worked my fingers in and out of her, curling them once deep inside of her. My mouth and tongue licked, sucked and kissed every inch of her pussy. Her juices flowed down from my chin and fingers to the table.
"Uh, fuck me, Edward," Bella said in a whispered moan.

*Fans self* Go read and enjoy this dreamy Edward!

Virtual Intimacy by theladyingrey42

Summary - Bella is too shy to approach the pierced, tatted boy at the back of the lecture hall. But when she begins chatting with a classmate with an unusual screen-name, she lets a bolder side of her personality through. Lemon-shot Christmas present for antiaol.

Superbly well-written & the lemon is hot-as-hell. What else do you need to know? Oh yes, Tattward & Inkella. Piercings. That is all. Enjoy! I'm still recovering... UNF! ;)

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