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Lemon Drizzles

Welcome to Jasper's Naughty Girls Lemon Drizzle!

Welcome to week 26

This weeks pic:

This weeks Lemon Drizzles:

Patience by katiecav 

Pairing: Read and find out ;-) 

“Meet me at the penthouse elevator in ten minutes.” Were the words whispered into her ear. The accompanying touch left a trail of fire down her arm. Though she didn't see him, it could only be one person. 
She took a shuddering breath and took a drink from the glass she was holding. The cool bubbly liquid slid down her throat but did nothing to squelch the fire that was blooming in her. It did give her something to do before she exited the ballroom as discreetly as she could five minutes later. She wound herself to the very back of the hotel where the private elevator for the penthouse suite was located. It was mostly used by the hotel staff for it lead straight to the penthouse apartment kitchen. There was another elevator located in the lobby which allowed for access to another part of the apartment with the proper key. 
She didn't have to wait long. She felt his hands wind around her from behind before she felt his warm breath on her neck. “Do you have any idea what seeing you in this dress did to me?” He balled the silky fabric in his hands. 

She chuckled and pushed back into him, “I think I have an idea.”  
“ do I. And it involves you with a lot less clothes on.” 

“How convenient,”  she said breathlessly her hands feeling their way behind her to grab him. “So do mine.” 

He groaned at her touch and she couldn't help but smile. Suddenly she had been turned to face him and his lips met hers with a fierceness that would have scared some. Her back hit the wall with a thud and the sound made him pull back for a moment. She wound one hand in his hair and pulled him to her once more. The need to breath tore his lips from hers but only for a moment before they began a trail down her neck and her exposed shoulders. She reached for him once more and he groaned into the crook of her neck.  

“If you don't stop. I'm going to take you right here on this wall. Consequences be damned,” he whispered hoarsely in her ear. She threw her head back as he sucked her earlobe into his mouth. 

“Keep that up, and I'd let you,” came her breathy reply. 

He slid his hand up her leg that had been hitched over his hips, the whole time his mouth never leaving her neck. He paused when he didn't reach what he thought should be there. “You have been a bad girl haven't you?” 

She couldn't help but smile. “I didn't want any panty lines. It had nothing to do with...”  She never finished her sentence for he slipped two fingers into her wet core. She gripped his shoulders and bit her lip to try and stop the loud moan from escaping her. She knew that this end of the hotel had been all but abandoned for the night, but better safe than sorry. She shouldn't even be letting him risk doing this but she was so filled with want she didn't care.  

She writhed against him as he thrust his fingers into her again and again, working her into a frenzy. Then he curled them forward finding that spot that alluded all others and she cried out in pleasure seeing stars dance behind her closed lids. He slowed his thrusts letting her come down from her high before he brought his hand to his mouth to taste her juices on them. She had never seen anything quite as erotic as that. She plastered her lips to his, the taste of herself on them only driving her need for more. 

He pulled away first. “We should go upstairs. You weren't exactly quiet.” He smirked down at her. She reached over with one hand and pushed the button to call the elevator. The door opened immediately. She pushed him into the elevator while he inserted a key into the reader. 

He was being cheeky. Him and his damn smirk. Well let's see how he likes it. “Well it's hard to stay quiet when I'm imagining your cock pounding into me.” He growled and leaned in toward her again, but she placed a hand on his chest stopping him as the other hand unzipped his pants and slipped inside freeing him. She smiled. She wasn't the only one that had gone without tonight it seemed. His erection sprang from the confines of his pants and into her palm.  

He closed his eyes as she began to stroke him, without breaking the rhythm she had set she sunk down to her knees. When she reached out with her tongue to lick the engorged head his eyes shot open in surprise. She smirked at having caught him off guard. She licked him from base to tip before she engulfed him in her mouth. He let out a strangled “fuck” and thrust his hips into her mouth and buried  his hand into her hair helping her set the pace. She groaned and the vibrations caused another expletive to slip from his lips. Thank god they'd decided to take the slow service elevator. After only a few moments his thrust became more erratic as he neared his climax. His other hand cupped her cheek and he tried to push her away but she shook her head slightly and lightly grazed him with her teeth. He came undone, spurting his seed into her mouth as she swallowed and licked him clean. 

She saw a relaxed smile spread across his face as she looked up at him. She was glad to see him like that. He'd been far too stressed lately. The doors finally opened indicating they had reached the penthouse. He helped her gently to her feet and brushed his lips against hers once sweetly almost lazily before they exited the elevator. As the door closed she couldn't help but giggle. “I can't believe we just did that.” 

“I can. I had to watch you in the arms of another man. If I had to watch that mutt with you for one more second...” 

“Edward Cullen,” She interrupted him. “Where did your patience go Mr. Vice President of Operations?” 
“Well Ms. Swan, there seems to be this brunette hotel heiress that takes delight in trying it whenever she's in my presence.” 

“She sounds interesting I'd love to meet her sometime.” She said coyly. He growled in her ear and hefted her over his shoulder and carrying her back to their room. She couldn't help but laugh at his enthusiasm after what had just occurred. The laughter only stopped when he tossed her on the bed and crawled over her. She silently thanked the designer of her father’s hotel that her room was soundproofed because she planned on making love to her fiancĂ© for the first time in two months and not even her father could stop her.

Next week Pic Prompt:

What is a lemon drizzle and how does it work? 
Each week a picture prompt will be given. Write a drizzle (like a drabble) that is around 1000 words (or less) about the picture given.
The following week's prompt will be at the end of the current week submissions.
Submissions will post on Friday, and should be received no later than Thursday at 7pm (EST). Email it to Lemon Drizzles
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~It has to be durty. (rated M or NC-17)
~Has to have Twi-pairing(s), in any combination
~Has to incorporate the picture...(we should be able to tell easily that the photo and drizzle go together.)
~It has to be lemony.
Use this heading when you submit:
Title of Drizzle by your author name (unless you want to be anon)


You need not be an "author" to submit. Everyone is welcome to spread a little Lemon drizzle our way! Email it to Lemon Drizzles

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