Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Naughty Moments

Today I thought we would remember some panty soaking moments from

From chapter 1:
"I have three rules. If you are, at any point, uncomfortable with what I'm doing, your safe word is Ranger. You must keep the blindfold on at all times. And when you scream, scream my name-Jasper."

 From chapter 2:

When I made it back to the bed, I straddled her. I had chosen a feather; soft, gentle and enough to drive anyone mad. I would make her cum with this feather. I started at her wrist and inched my way down her arms, her neck and her collarbone enjoying the way she was squirming underneath me. I made swiping motions from left to right across her chest, moving lower with each swipe. I could tell when I hit her nipples; she gasped and bucked against me. I repeated the action again. And again. And again. She was panting and jerking, fevered with need. I finally let up my assault on her breasts as I moved myself and the feather lower down her body. When I reached her hipbone, I repeated the action from above, moving further down until I was near her center. At this point, I had to use my hands to feel out my next move, sliding my fingers into her wet folds to find the right place. Moving the feather back to her breasts, I continued to work my fingers into her until she was arching and mewing for release. I bent down, placed my mouth at her entrance and licked upward-once. My fingers were still inside her and I could feel her clenching unrelentingly around me. "Jasper…Oh…" she cried, almost silent. I stilled, allowing her to ride out her orgasm.

~~Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?~~

From chapter 4:

I started off slow, placing open-mouthed kisses across her collarbone and down between the valley of her breasts. I wanted to bring her close before I started with the hot wax; if I was right, it would bring a much stronger orgasm. I continued to kiss her body; everywhere I could reach with my lips. My fingers were at her wetness, stroking upwards and downwards, circling her clit. Sometimes the basics were all you needed. My mouth captured one of her nipples; I pulled it between my teeth and sucked. The feel of her skin on my tongue was like velvet as I felt it pebble on my tongue. She was humming from the feel of it, arching her back as best as she could. I let my fingers probe inside of her, stroking her walls at every angle I could reach. My thumb continued to make work of her clit as my mouth moved to her other nipple. I wouldn't let her go much longer, but I was enjoying myself. I could feel her growing tighter around my fingers, and that's when I pulled out. Her body fell back onto the bed and I could feel the disappointment coming off of her, but she didn't say a word. "You didn't think I'd let you cum that easily, did you?" I couldn't help but ask. She kept her mouth closed, but it was turned down in a frown.

My cock twitched as I grabbed the candle, already anticipating and looking forward to her reaction. I held still for just a moment; long enough for her to start to fidget. I lifted the candle above her body and let a small drop fall onto her breastbone. It trickled for a moment before slowing and beginning to harden. This elicited the most delicious hiss as it crackled against her skin, had her biting down on her bottom lip at the same time. I bent my head down and blew on the wax enough to cool it completely. She was panting now-a good sign. I brought more wax down, this time onto her stomach, adding a little more this time. I watched it slightly redden her skin, watched her back arch, and watched her flesh raise around it…

I was breathing harder now, teetering on a dangerous ledge. The ledge of control. I couldn't afford to fall. I couldn't stop my hand as it went to touch the wax; it was still malleable enough to smear around a bit. It flaked, but it was still slightly warm. I was clenching my teeth, unsure of what I wanted to say. Something I shouldn't say, that much was certain. Not much wax left, now; I used the rest on her breast. Close enough to her nipple to where it dripped down and sloped around it. "Oh, Jesus Fuck Jasper!" she cried, and I almost came right then and there. She was riding a strong high; now would be as good a time as any. I crawled between her legs, just to let myself enjoy the feeling, before moving my hand back to her pussy and didn't hesitate to push my fingers inside. I sucked on the nipple that didn't have any wax on it and thrust into her at a hard pace. She was biting her lip again, and I couldn't stop myself from bringing my lips to meet hers and kissing her fiercely. Her orgasm hit her then, and she pushed herself closer to me as she rode it out, kissing me back all the while. I tasted her lips, her tongue, even her teeth; trying to devour all of her that I could get. I pulled out of her and sat up, still placed between her legs. Her breathing was heavy and she was smiling. I imagined her eyes were closed, still wrapped up in pleasure. When she had slowed her breathing, I untied her hands. I followed my normal routine again, going and grabbing her bra and helping her put it back on. I wished I could see more of her face.

 Wow...*fans self*...do you need anymore reasons to go read this story? I think not!


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