Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday One Shot Wonder Recs


Summary - A humdrum day at the office is spiced up with a series of sexy texts from a mysterious stranger. Or is it a stranger? Entry for the Dirty Talking Jasper Contest. NOW CONTINUED!

Who doesn't like a dirty talkin' Jasper?  And, if I didn't mention this before...what a brilliant idea for a contest.

This Jasper is awfully smexy!  And he's into sexting a certain brown eyed beauty who happens to work in his office. Bella soon finds out it is indeed possible to climax over a text message, especially when it's Jasper's fingers doing the talking!

Not only is this story creative and dirty, but it takes on a light and fluffy tone. Its a well-balanced read and it left me wanting more. Oh wait...

This o/s is now being continued!!! Looks like Bella's not he only lucky one around here!

Summary: What would happen if 6 friends visit an underground erotica club? Rated M for a reason. Should probably be XXX. Reader beware. One-shot collaboration from Cozmedic and Clpsuperstar

To say this should be rated XXX is an understatement! 

Pairing you ask...well, Bella and Edward are dating, as well as Alice and Jasper, and Emmett is with Rose. However this is a free for all. So go grab a sham wow or three and anything else you may um need and enjoy!!!

A note from the authors:

Pairings: All sorts of fuckery. Period. However, none of them are related...we're not that twisted!

Warning: Due to the graphic nature of this little one-shot, please be aware of several factors before diving into this little pornello (That's right bitches, this isn't a lemon, it's a goddamn pornello.)

Do not read at work or in front of your kids. You may start squeeling and panting and how do you explain that to co-workers and children?

Here is a small teaser:

I kneeled between Bella's legs and put them over my thighs. Gripping onto her ass I lifted her so that her back was now arched and her pussy was in a prime position to get royally fucked. Of course I wanted to test the waters, so I slipped two fingers inside of her, feeling the walls of her pussy constrict around me.

"Damn, Bella. You are tight. Now I see why Edward's so possessive of you."

Edward's head snapped around then to look at me. I waggled my eyebrows back at him, removed my fingers and then ran the head of my dick along her slit. Then, I entered her slowly as she moaned in appreciation. I looked back at Edward and he made his way to remove himself from my Rosie's mouth, but she grabbed onto his thighs and dipped her head down to suck on his balls. That stopped him. I knew it would. Rosalie loves to be t-bagged and she does it like nobody's business.
I brought my attention back to Bella and began moving inside her more quickly.

"Harder, Em!" she called out.

Oh, so baby B likes the rough stuff, huh? Well, I'm more than happy to accommodate her.

~What are you waiting for...go read!!!~

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