Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs This ChangesThings By TheUnderstudy

Today the story I bring you is, This Changes Things By TheUnderstudy.

Because this story has a very yummy Emmett.

Summary: When you're in love, you always think it's going to last forever. Yet when a twist in fate changes things, can you recover and pull yourself from the darkness. Rate M for language, graphic scenes, and sexual content.


This story is so good and heartbreaking at the same time. Edward died in the James standoff and Bella was changed. This turn of events sets this story in motion and changes the Cullen's forever.

Emmett and Rose are not mated, slowly Emmett and Bella become closer and closer. Of course this does not sit well with the queen bitch that is Rose.

Oh ya, and we can't forget Victoria!

In this story you get it all love, betrayal, hurt, grief, lust, forgiveness and lots of drama!!!!

From Chapter 1:
"Bella!" Edward screamed. He tried to come rushing back over to me. James took that opportunity and bit into Edward's neck. With all his might, he ripped my love's head from his shoulders. "Sorry Bella. There's no rescue coming for you." His smile was twisted and widened as he continued to rip Edward apart. He pulled a lighter from his pocket and dropped it unceremoniously on the pieces.

"Oops. I'm all butterfingers today. Now, where were we? I screamed from the pain…all of it. The fire was running in my veins. Was I changing?

My heart breaking. My eyes transfixed on the flames. As James was walking menacingly back over to my thrashing body, he was slammed into the mirrors by Emmett & Jasper. They made quick work of James and tossed his limbs into the growing fire.

"Bella…Bella where is Edward." Carlisle asked almost impatiently. So unlike him. Yet I think he already knew. He looked to Alice and she was just staring into the fire and I heard her say, "Edward….my brother." She dropped to the floor in tearless sobs. Carlisle then tried to comfort me, "Bella it's okay. We are family and we will not leave you. I am going to get more venom into your system. I'm sorry Bella." If the pain could not be worse, it just did. He bit my neck and I felt the fire consume me more. My only comfort was that at least the venom that created my love was now in me and hoped it would smother what James had already put in. I felt dirty, alone, empty. Edward was gone and I wanted to forget. So I focused on the burning and let it consume my mind.
This story is a rough ride, but it's so worth it! So grab a drink, some tissues, and dive right in. You wont be sorry! This story recently completed, so there is so updates to wait for!!

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  1. Thanks so much Tazzy! That was an awesome rec! I am trying to focus on writing my thanks, but there are some pretty tasty Kellan Lutz photos rolling by. Hmmm c ya later