Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lady Tazz Recs...After the Honeymoon by just robin

Today I bring a funny as hell Edward /Bella AH!

What really happens after the I love you's, when the Honeymoon is over? Light hearted- no angst.

Take a journey into Edward & Bella's marriage,  It's not flowers and candy after you say 'I do" is it? 

This story has 17 chapters (they are like snippets really) and I guarantee you will relate and laugh your ass off!

Here is a peek at a few random wedded bliss moments:

"Jesus Christ, Woman. Fuck, right there! Oh, yeah."
"Faster, baby. You feel so good inside me. Fuck me harder!"
"I love you, God I love you."

"Damn, Bella! Do you really need to DVR every fucking show on Food Network?"
"Do you need to tape every episode of NCIS forty-seven times?"


"Here's to three years of marriage, cheers!"
"Crap, I forgot my wallet, Bella. Can you pay?"
"Really, Edward."
"What, I had to change pants when I got home before we left for dinner. I forgot."
"What a romantic anniversary…"

Now, go read this sexy, funny as hell story. Remember to review!!

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