Monday, June 20, 2011

Naughty Girl For A Day - vbfb1

Happy Monday all, and a very big happy birthday to Edward Anthony Masen Cullen!

Today's Naughty Girl for the Day is vbfb1, she is the author of Six Weeks and many other stories and one shots. I pre-read  her story Six Weeks and she also pre-reads for me. She is also an incredible banner maker, she has made many of mine.

So when my girl Lady Tazz asked me to be a naughty girl for a day well I might have done a little fan girl SQUEEE! Then I might have freaked out. I mean how am supposed to pick out two or three stories to rec from the hundreds of excellent stories I have read in my two years in the fandom. So I may have cheated and my recs are actually series’ of stories.

My first rec is the wonderful ranchward series by Lady Gwynedd. Mail Order bride was my first introduction to her writing and I instantly fell in love with her well researched and well written pieces. If you like the idea of living on the frontier then this series of stories is definitely for you. 

Mail Order Bride & Bear Valley Ranch by LadyGwynedd

If any of you know me, you know I heart a BDSM fic and there is probably no better BDSM fic than dariachenowith’s Heart Break Remedy and its sequel A Beautiful Disaster. These two fics give an excellently realistic view of what the BDSM lifestyle is like and a sexy as f*** Edward/Jasper/Bella threesome.

Heart Break Remedy & A Beautiful Disaster by dariachenowith

Ok so as this website is called Jasper’s Naughty Girls it is only fitting that the last Rec is a Jasper one. I totally heart Jasper and even more than that I heart Jasper and Edward. So this fic totally owns me at the moment and as soon as the updates come in I just have to go and read them. Y’all know Texan Jasper is just about as sexy as they come and well conversed’s Jasper in Seventeen Men can turn me on with just only a few words. Go read Twinned and Seventeen Men I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Twinned & Seventeen Men by Conversed

I would like to thanks Vbfb1 for being our Naughty Girl For the Day and sharing these
awesome stories with us!

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