Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's New on TwiWrite...

This week I found three very promising stories. Check them out and leave the authors some love. Tell them Cullen818 sent you!



Bella is a romance novelist and meets Vicky, a fan of hers, on Twitter. They become fast friends. At least, that's what Bella thinks. Victoria becomes obsessed with everything Bella has; even her husband, Edward.

This fic is about three chapters in and I think Bella is for the shock of her life. I can feel it brewing!  I'm told by Lady Tazz the story will be nine chapters and an epi. So, jump in now!



Hunger comes in many forms – hunger for sustenance, power, love, sex, fame, wealth. What do you do when the hunger becomes a need that overwrites everything? How do you feed the hunger without losing yourself?

This story is one chapter in but it looks very intriguing. I'm always up for a new twist on Jasper/Bella.




Edward and Bella broke up four years ago because Edward cheated... or did he? Bella walked away and never looked back. What happens when a four year secret comes back to bite Bella in the butt? Did Edward really cheat? And what skeletons could possibly be hiding in his closet?

This is an AH E/B that looks like it'll start out angsty, but I'm hoping for an HEA. I'm always hoping for that!

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